View Full Version : My views on the 2 hr 35 min. TTT match

Nov 10th, 2001, 07:55 PM
The score was <br />(3)Randy/ILT def. (1) Caz /Dokic Power <br />3-6,6-3,12-12 ret.

It was getting late for Dokic Power so she had to leave.The match was so long that I dont remember anything of the 1st and 2nd set.

The 3rd set just kept going on and on.....<br />I didnt want to be unfair to a team,so I had to mix up the questions.<br />Towards the end I just wanted to finish it,but it did not finish.I'm not sure of the exact number of match points but I think Randy/ILT had 6, and Caz Dokic Power had 4.<br />I even did not want to ask silly simple questions at match points,so perhaps that lengthened the match even more.<br />Not to forget the long arguments which also lengthned the match. <br />I was exhausted and took a break to sip some water,and by the time I came back,DP had left.<br />In anycase,I think it was a good well fought match.<br />Especially by Caz. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">