View Full Version : I just watched a Wimbledon semifinal from 1972

Jul 5th, 2007, 12:03 AM
And it was good. Goolagong's serve-and-volley game against Evert's early baseline game. In the first set, Goolagong had one of her famous "walkabouts," but then--at 4-6, 0-3 down--returned to reality and pretty much clobbered Evert at the net. Evert went to the net when she had to, and actually did pretty well there. In 1972, she had not yet become the "paint the lines blindfolded" player we would later see.

I loved their tennis dresses! But then, I loved all of Goolagong's outfits, with their smart jackets and coats. No chairs, no bananas, no water bottles (some paper cups and a jug of water), no injury time-outs, no screaming, Just two players, a net and a couple of wooden racquets. Unfortunately, the BBC announcer kept calling Evert "the little girl."

I became interested in tennis when I saw Goolagong win Wimbledon in 1971. It was an unforgettable tennis moment; she seemed to come out of nowhere, and floated around the court light as could be, taking Margaret Court's crown in straight sets.