View Full Version : Random Wimbledon thoughts...mid term grades etc

Jul 3rd, 2007, 04:15 PM
1) Serena Williams is the best fighter on tour bar none. When she gets her determination/fighting spirit mustered, noone else can stand in her way. She really won me over with her courage yesterday

2) After 6 or 7 years of telling SOME Williams fans that they are paranoid when it comes to racism in the media towards the sisters, Ive now come to the conclusion that Venus and Serena do get treated harshly by the media. Im not sure if its racism or not, but the way Tracey Austin was saying Serena had full movement in the 3rd set was laughable, insinuating that Serena was just going gamesmenship was a terrible call to make... I was expecting the commentators etc to be applauding her heroic display of guts and determination... the most memorable match of wimbledon so far..male or female..

3) My love for Amelie Mauresmo is kinda starting to turn into a love/hate rship. I love her when she wins or loses in a good match (eastbourne final), but when she goes out there and battles nerves for 2 hours, never overcoming them, as a fan of hers, Ive has just about a gutful of it... Obviously winning the Oz Open and Wimbledon last year have done nothing for her ability to battle nerves.. once a choker always a choker.. thats very harsh I know but Im angry about her loss...

4) The womens tournament is sooooo much better than the mens.. Womens Roland Garros sucked becausee it was too predictable, its the opposite this time around..