View Full Version : How would YOU schedule the Slams & YEC?

Jul 2nd, 2007, 07:14 PM
Rain AGAIN at Wimbledon - how surprising. :rolleyes: At the Australian Open, extreme heat delays are commonplace every year.

This most recent rain delay at the W. has gotten me thinking about how the Slams are scheduled, and whether the scheduling could be better organized by the powers that be.

It seems to me that the organizers of the Tours could have the Slams played at more opportune times during the calendar year. If you were in charge, when would you schedule the Slams, and the YEC?

My thinking: 5 major tournaments, so try to have them scheduled around 10 weeks apart from one another.

- Have the YEC's in the first half of December; they're played indoors as I recall, so weather wouldn't be a factor. This date is my 'anchor' point.

- Have the US Open the last week in September - first week in October, which'd be much cooler than early September is, when it's now held.

- Moving forward from the YEC's, have the Australian Open during the last week in February - first week in March, which would perhaps be at least a bit cooler than it is there during the extreme heat of January.

- This leaves the French and Wimbledon. Trying to stay centered around the 10 week time lapse between tourneys, one could be held in mid-May, and the other held in late July. Stick Wimbledon, with its perennial rain problems, into whichever of those two dates would typically tend to be dryest, and place the French Open into the remaining date.

It's tough to come up with a 'perfect' schedule, but I think that a schedule like this would at least be somewhat beneficial in terms of resolving the rain and extreme temperature problems which plague the Slams as they are today.

What say you? :) How would you arrange the dates if you had the power to do so?