View Full Version : ONEJECT INDONESIA International Junior Championships,G4 (winner: J.Rompies)

Jun 23rd, 2007, 06:13 PM
Entry List MD

1 ROMPIES Jessy INA 14-04-90 115
2 NOORDIN Jawariah MAS 08-10-90 167
3 BUDIHARTO Lutfiana Aris INA 31-08-90 178
4 POTGIETER Christi RSA 15-10-92 222
5 YSIDORA Grace Sari INA 11-05-93 233
6 MAHAJAROENKUL Satjaporn THA 02-05-91 287
7 MORIMOTO Mika JPN 16-05-90 289
8 AGRA Jessca Marie PHI 10-11-91 360
9 OTAKE Shiho JPN 01-06-90 369
10 SEKI Mayumi JPN 02-07-90 376
11 WESTBURY Katherine NZL 14-03-93 388
12 MIAO Yui-Lynn TPE 15-01-92 420
13 NAITO Haruka JPN 13-06-90 468
14 THIRUMALAICHELVAM Neesha MAS 19-04-92 493
15 MINOKOSHI Mai JPN 16-04-92 501
16 SATO Marina JPN 30-04-90 503
17 RAHMAWATI Laili INA 18-03-92 535
18 EMERALDA Karyn INA 18-05-92 549
19 KOWASE Maho JPN 27-09-91 555
20 PHUMTIP Benyapa THA 20-08-91 561
21 OKUMA Ayumi JPN 14-11-89 580
22 JOGASURIA Angelina INA 26-06-91 589
23 TIRUMURTI Bhavani IND 16-09-89 647
24 EGUCHI Misa JPN 18-04-92 690

Jun 23rd, 2007, 06:14 PM
Singles Qualifying Draw

(1)Cindana Manickavei (IND) v Yoon-Young Bae (KOR)
Nadia Ravita (INA) v Vanessa Wiratama (INA)

Justine Marie Contemprato (PHI) v Fang-Chi Tsao (TPE)
Melisa Juganda (INA) v Asifa Ramadhani (INA)

(2)Dwi Rahayu Pitri (INA) v Destiani Putri (INA)
Tria Rizki Amalia (INA) v Victoria Louise Magaway (PHI)

Cinthia Wibawa (INA) v Claire Cynthia Mulyadi (INA)
Nadya Yahya (INA) v Ajeng Aquinia (INA)

(3)Nadia Diantari (INA) v Melissa Emile Kandinata (INA)
Florence Nicole (INA) v Seon-A Kim (KOR)

Rekyan Woro (INA) v Rani Fitria Wardani (INA)
Lam Anh Tran (VIE) v Feronika Katarina (INA)

(4)Verena Anino Banu (INA) v Marsya Gleysena (INA)
Herni Kartini (INA) v Hye-Jin Jeong (KOR)

Dina Azwar (INA) v Juanita Christine (INA)
(5)Rininta Hidayat (INA) v Meutia Sabrina (INA)

Shine On Silver Moon
Jun 26th, 2007, 04:15 PM
singles' qual


Bae Yoon-Young KOR d (1) Cindana Manivackei IND 64 61
(WC) Nadia Ravita INA d Vanessa Wiratama INA 60 61
Tsao Fang Chi TPE d Justine Marie Contemprato PHI 61 63
(WC) Melisa Juganda INA d Asifa Ramadhani INA 76(4) 67(5) 64

(2) Dwi Rahayu Pitri INA d Destiani Putri INA 60 60
Tria Rizki Amalia INA d Victoria Louise Magaway PHI 62 62
Cinthia Wibawa INA d (WC) Claire Cynthia Mulyadi INA 64 62
(WC) Nadya Yahya INA d Ajeng Aquinia INA 75 61

Melissa Emile Kandinata INA d (3) Nadia Diantari INA 64 75
(6) Kim Seon-A KOR d Florence Nicole INA 60 61
(7) Rekyan Woro INA d Rani Fitria Wardani INA 75 26 62
Tran Lam-Anh VIE d (WC) Feronika Katarina INA 61 61

Marsya Gleysena INA d (4) Verena Aninidita Banu INA 62 67(2) 75
(8) Jeong Hye-Jin KOR d Hemi Kartini INA 60 60
Dina Azwar INA d (WC) Juanita Christine INA 76(4) 64
Meutia Sabrina INA d (5) Rininta Hidayat INA 61 64

Shine On Silver Moon
Jun 26th, 2007, 04:23 PM

Bae Yoon-Young KOR d (WC) Nadia Ravita INA 64 64
Tsao Fang Chi TPE d (WC) Melisa Juganda INA 61 64
(2) Dwi Rahayu Pitri INA d Tria Rizki Amalia INA 61 62
(WC) Nadya Yahya INA d Cinthia Wibawa INA 64 36 62

(6) Kim Seon-A KOR d Melissa Emile Kandinata INA 16 64 62
Tran Lam-Anh VIE d (7) Rekyan Woro INA 75 63
(8) Jeong Hye-Jin KOR d Marsya Gleysena INA 60 61
Meutia Sabrina INA d Dina Azwar INA 64 61

Shine On Silver Moon
Jun 26th, 2007, 04:25 PM

Bae Yoon-Young KOR d Tsao Fang Chi TPE 63 64
(2) Dwi Rahayu Pitri INA d (WC) Nadya Yahya INA 61 61
Tran Lam-Anh VIE d (6) Kim Seon-A KOR 61 61
(8) Jeong Hye-Jin KOR d Meutia Sabrina INA 57 63 60

Shine On Silver Moon
Jun 26th, 2007, 04:28 PM

1- Jessy Rompies INA d (Q) Dwi Rahayu Pitri INA 61 60
Mai Minokoshi JPN d (Q) Tran Lam-Anh VIE 62 63
Choo Lyn See MAS d Hsieh Su-Ying TPE 64 63
Cythia Melita INA d (7) Satjaporn Mahajaroenkul THA 76(5) 64 Cynthia trailed 2-5 in 1st set!

3-Jawairiah Noordin MAS d WC-Priscilla Anggreny Oky Suconong INA 61 62
Maho Kowase JPN d Jessica Marie Agra PHI 60 76(3)
WC-Angelika Jogasuria INA d WC-Vanessa Gunawan INA 75 62 - Vanessa as rookie in grade 4, played well in 1st set
5-Grace Sari Ysidora INA d (Q) Jeong Hye-Jin KOR 61 62 - surprisingly Grace played with power today

6- Natchanok Saenyaukhot THA d Bella Destriana INA 75 64 - Bella led 5-2 only to lose 1st set
LL-Kim Seon-A KOR d LL-Nadya Yahya INA 75 76(2)
Angelina Jogasuria INA d Karyn Emeralda INA 64 61
4-Lutfiana A Budiharto INA d Miao Yui-Lynn TPE 61 62

8-Mika Morimoto JPN d Bhavani Tirumurti IND 60 61
Laili Rahmawati d WC-Nadya Syarifah INA 60 63
Neesha Thirumalaichelvam MAS d (Q) Bae Yoon-Young KOR 57 64 63
2-Yang Zi-Jun HKG d Trivena Monika Putri INA 61 62

Jun 26th, 2007, 04:30 PM
good luck Jawariah :)

Shine On Silver Moon
Jun 26th, 2007, 04:31 PM
These girls play in a hilly area north of Bandung in indoor hard courts...Doubles' draw was not out until I left at the official hotel at 8.15 pm:(

Jun 28th, 2007, 04:00 PM
2nd Round

CHOO Lyn See MAS d. MELITA Cynthia INA 75 46 60
3-NOORDIN Jawairiah MAS d. KOWASE Maho JPN 63 62
5-YSHIDORA Grace Sari INA d. WC-JOGASURIA Angelika INA 64 63

6-SAENYAUKHOT, Natchanok THA d. LL-KIM Seon-A KOR 61 61
4-BUDIHARTO Lutfiana Aris INA d. JOGASURIA Angelina INA 63 46 64

Jun 28th, 2007, 04:00 PM
Doubles Results here


Jun 29th, 2007, 08:36 PM

1-ROMPIES Jessy INA d. CHOO Lyn See MAS 61 63
5-YSHIDORA Grace Sari INA d. 3-NOORDIN Jawairiah MAS 63 75
4-BUDIHARTO Lutfiana Aris INA d. 6-SAENYAUKHOT, Natchanok THA 64 61

Jun 29th, 2007, 08:50 PM
Gooooooo Gracey :yeah:

Shine On Silver Moon
Jun 30th, 2007, 02:08 PM
You can check out the daily results for both singles & doubles at Jiro's website

I have been watching most of the matches personally but I just have my time now to post here.

Speaking of Cynthia Melita, she shouldn't have lost to Choo of Sarawak, Malaysia. Emotionally and physically, Chyntia was still up and down. I have known Chyntia as the hardest hitter especially her FH among under 14 in Indonesia. She will turn 14 yo on July 10th. Together with Grace Sari, she will join ITF team for 6 weeks in Europe since July 4, 2007.

I was impressed with Yang Zi Jun's body. She is tall and male like appearance. But I was surprised that she did not have weapon yet. Today, for the 1st time Lutfiana could defeat Yang after trailing 0-3 in their H2H. Lutfiana was more consistent than Yang for sure. Yang made more UEs than Lutfi as she hit wide or into the net.

Grace Sari has been showing better form after her mediocre form in 2nd round vs Angelika Jogasuria. In QF yesterday, vs Jawairiah - Grace looked confident and she began to pump herself up by shouting, "come on!" whenever she made winners. Grace was in control throughout the match despite of her less power than Jawairiah. Grace leads 3-0 in H2H vs Jawairiah now.

In SF today, it was very tough but good match indeed between Grace vs Jessy. Stats: Grace 5 DFs - Jessy 7 aces & 6 DFs. Jessy certainly had more power. Today, Grace was able to handle Jessy's strong groundies. During the match, Jessy's coach - Mr Wibowo - kept getting calls from their boss, madame Martina Widjaja who was really nervous about Jessy's performance. It was such a stupid habit by MW to do that. She is truly the most idiot boss I ever know in this world of tennis. If she was there, I knew she would have scream to instruct what Jessy had to do. It is typical of her. I enjoyed Grace's attitude. She was cool yet kept on fighting. She did not hesitate to shout "come on" when she made winners. Too bad, in final set, Grace got worn-out physically though she tried to hang in there and finally she hit into the net and lost again but in tight 3 sets. Each game was long and so grueling indeed. Congrats to Jessy, late bloomer as well as to Grace who showed her determination as a fighter.:kiss:

Shine On Silver Moon
Jun 30th, 2007, 02:17 PM
What a shame for the tourney's committee...they are local people but they made mistake of Grace's name - it is not Yshidora but Ysidora...:o

Correction for doubles' final scoreline: 62 63 not 62 64 - I was there watching today...;)

Jun 30th, 2007, 03:19 PM
Grace :bigcry: :sad: :banghead:
so close. But great fight though.

Go Jessy!

Rising Sun
Jun 30th, 2007, 03:22 PM
Thanks for the info Adji. :wavey:

Do you see any of them making a dent in the pros? :confused:

I'm disappointed in the lack of Jessica Yang's progress. :(

Jun 30th, 2007, 08:00 PM

1-ROMPIES Jessy INA d. 5-YSHIDORA Grace Sari INA 67(4) 64 64
4-BUDIHARTO Lutfiana Aris INA d. 2-YANG Zi Jun HKG 63 61

Jul 1st, 2007, 09:04 PM

1-ROMPIES Jessy INA d. 4-BUDIHARTO Lutfiana Aris INA 76(3) 75

Jul 2nd, 2007, 01:47 PM
Congrats Jessy :bounce: