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Apr 24th, 2007, 06:12 PM
The winner of Wimbledon's wildcard play-off tournament for British players will no longer enter the main draw.
Wimbledon will pick its wildcards from a list of eight men and eight women chosen by British tennis' governing body the LTA based on world rankings.

The shortlisted players who miss out will enter a qualifying competition for places in Wimbledon's main draw.

The LTA has made the changes to put more emphasis on consistent results as the basis for a coveted wildcard spot.

The wildcard play-off tournament was introduced three years ago by former LTA performance director David Felgate as a way of increasing competition among British players.

"We are confident of being able to put up the right names in the right order," Paul Hutchins, head of men's tennis at the LTA, told the BBC.

"It will be based on results over the year and I feel very happy with that."

"Wimbledon is just two weeks of the year and the players are playing over 12 months.

"So if any player is slacking, not at it 100% or not playing enough tournaments, then he would not get put up on the wildcard list of the top eight."

What do you think of this decision?

Well thought out reply to this announcement from ACEMAN on GB Tennis Girls

I'm personally glad the wildcard system's gone. I could understand the logic behind it but I still felt it slightly unfair that players who performed well all year could miss out and someone who has a good couple of days get rewarded. Also, it's caused a lot of scheduling problems in the past and sometimes players miss out on playing qualies for Eastbourne/B'ham for the play off.

Say it every year, but no other grand slam gives away its wildcards to foreigners unless it's part of a reciprocal scheme or for a really deserving case and I don't see why Wimbledon should be any different. This year Anne, Katie, Mel, Amanada, Sarah, Georgie, Naomi and Bally could take all the available cards and with the right draws are all capable of winning a match or two. I don't ever see Wimbledon giving all its wildcards to Brits but this year I think there is a legitimate case.

The way the WTA has weighted its points now a first round win is huge at a grand slam and for someone like Anne who toils away at challengers just one win here could be the catalyst for that ranking breakthrough and I think it would be massivley unfair not to give Mel/Sarah the chance to defend their points from last year, Anne/Katie/Amanda a reward for their year round consistency and Georgie/Naomi a real chance to continue their rise up the rankings and obviously Bally because she's a class act on grass and the most recognisable female figure to Joe Public.

Plus I think there's a big group of British girls who could benefit from qualies wildcards and if some of the above take those places then they're the ones that miss out on that vital experience

Apr 24th, 2007, 09:48 PM
Oh please give a WC to Bally!!!! She has made the 3rd round here!!!

Apr 26th, 2007, 06:55 AM
i dont think its a great decision. with the play offs, the players and fans could see that the WC was earned