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Apr 23rd, 2007, 06:23 PM
In red girls who are under 20

CHAN Yung Jan -Taipei -17 y.o -former best ranking:69 -NEW:57
OBZILER Tzipora -Israel -34 y.o -former best ranking:92 -NEW:90
KNAPP Karin -Italy -19 y.o -former best ranking:99 -NEW:97
ROLLE Ahsha -USA -22 y.o -former best ranking: 113 -NEW:110
CIBULKOVA Dominika -Slovakia -17 y.o -former best ranking:123 -NEW:121
DELLACQUA Casey -Australia -22 y.o -former best ranking:133 -NEW:130
ZAHLAVOVA Sandra -21 y.o -former best ranking:142 -NEW:140
PARMENTIER Pauline -France -21 y.o -former best ranking:153 -NEW:145
IVANOVA Ekaterina -Russia -19 y.o -former best ranking:166 -NEW:163
SANCHEZ Olivia -France -24 y.o -former best ranking:179 -NEW:178
DITTY Julie -USA -28 y.o -former best ranking:190 -NEW:185
GOVORTSOVA Olga -Belarussia -18 y.o -former best ranking:209 -NEW:187

My Comments:

Yung Jan CHAN: For her 1rst appearance on the ITF circuit this year, Yung Jan won her 10th career ITF title at only 17 y.o at Dothan $75K. Yung Jan proved her fighting spirit winning 3 out of her 5 matches in 3 sets. Curiously, her final match was one of the easiest dropping only 6 games vs n118 Kudryavtseva.

Pauline PARMENTIER: Pauline is breaking the Top 150. Will it be enough to be granted a WC at RG 2007? However, she's up 8 spots this week after capturing her 3rd career ITF title in her homeland at Biarritz $25K beating 8th seed/n188 Sfar in final.

Julie DITTY: Julie is playing her best season at 28 y.o. Last week, she made it to the QF at Dothan $75K ousting 3rd seed/n77 compatriot Harkleroad (dropping only 3 games!) before falling in 3 sets vs evenutal winner 5th seed/n69 Chan.

Olga GOVORTSOVA: Another russian teenager is breaking the Top 200 after winning her 2nd career ITF title at Jakcson $25K. She ousted 6th seed/n183 Sema en route.

FASTER MOVEMENTS IN THE TOP 10, 20, 50, 100, 150 and 200



TOP 50:
Anastasia MYSKINA n34 (+1): Well it's a little bit surprising to read Anastasia on that list...considering her current break , but she's overtaking Muller who's down 1 place.

TOP 100:
Alla KUDRYAVTSEVA n99 (+19): After a couple of week out of the top 100, Alla is back as runner up at Dothan $75K ousting 2nd seed/n75 Perry and 6th seed/n102 Sequera before losing to 5th seed/n69 Chan.

TOP 150:
Pauline PARMENTIER n145 (+12): see above

TOP 200:
Olga GOVORTSOVA n187 (+22): see above

As usual, don't hesitate to comment, and see you next week!!:D ;) :worship:

PS: If anyone knows how Olga Govortsova who is the new TOP 200 is playing...post it. I read on the ITF site that she was a double handed both sides player?? Is that true, does anyone see her play??