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Apr 23rd, 2007, 01:18 PM
Well I'm finally twenty! So exciting not be a teenager anymore! Its been absolutely amazing having a somewhat 'normal' life for the last 2 weeks. After getting my cortisone shot I hopped on a plane, and flew to Portland to surprise my friend who was having a birthday the next day. I told her my arm was so sore that i had to lay in bed all day and ten minutes later knocked on her front door. I got that priceless 'deer in headlights' reaction followed by a scream that traveled over a mile. So after spending a day there, I headed back home and had to start rehab which is just as exciting as flossing your teeth. And i have been working out twice a day which makes me feel like it's December all over again. But other than that i have been trying to be somewhat mature and independent.....which includes going to the grocery store, making sure the house is clean, and doing other things that usually are done unnoticed when my Mom is around. Like the other day I had to run what felt like 20 errands because it took several hours, but actually thinking about I didn't do that much considering lunch was on the to-do list. But how can you possibly skip a meal for errands? I went to the post office to pick up some packages that were sent back there after five failure attempts of ringing my doorbell when I was away. Next was 'boutique tarjet', otherwise known as target for some toilet paper and other daily necessities that*I usually think are permanently stocked in the house. BTW....did you know that there is aloe vera in the Kleenexes you use once and throw away? Talk about waste of plants!! Then I had to go to T-Mobile to start up this new Motorola Q9 I received. (this is the first doodle I'm writing on this, which is why it's taking me forever.....and please don't mind the spelling mistakes.....I'm not used to this teeny keyboard). But one of the best things about having this time off is actually being able to spend time in one place, which means getting to spend it with a 'special someone' without having to have daily text conversations.

I'm starting to hit tennis balls on Monday which is exciting and frightening at the same time. Don't really know how my arm will be so it's also a bit nerve wrecking. My birthday was so fun! My Mom and Dad flew in a couple days before and since on my actual b-day I was having lots of friends over, I had a nice little dinner with them the night before. I received amazing bouquets of flowers from my friends and sponsors. I'm obsessed with flowers and every time someone asks me what i want, I say flowers because there's nothing more beautiful than receiving a gorgeous bouquet. I did receive some other stuff.....of course...but I think I will leave that to a top ten list because I feel like I'm running out of ideas. I had about 15 people get together at one of my favorite restaurants in L.A and it was great to see most of my close friends in one room.... which happens once in a blue moon.

Everyone has been asking how it feels to be 20( a question everyone seems to ask after every birthday). Really, how different are you supposed to feel?? Well I got up, got a few hugs, went to the gym and left sweating profusely just like on any other day, except with a new diamond ring on (minor detail). I tell them I closed the door shut on those teenage years but forgot the key inside. Just like I shut the door on the teenage years, I'm shutting the door on writing my doodles on a handset device....took way too long!! TTYL!!

Apr 23rd, 2007, 01:34 PM
...this has already been posted in 20th b'day thread...