View Full Version : April 15, 1947: A Piviotal Moment In American History

Apr 15th, 2007, 03:45 PM
After all the talk about Imus and all the other bullshit, it is time to look back at moment in American sports that turned the country in the right direction. That was when Jackie Robinson took the field at Ebbits Field in Brooklyn, NY to play for the Dodgers. Never before had a black man been allowed to play professional baseball in the US because of the rigid segregration in the US and in professional sports (it is important to note that white Hispanics and whtie American Indians were allowed to play in baseball). Despite msot of America wanting him to fail, he was sucessful, being elected to the Basebal Hall of Fame in 1962 and opeining the door for black Americans and black Hispancis to play baseball.

Jackie Robinson died on October 24, 1972 from complications from diabetes. He was only 53 years old (he was born on January 31, 1919). The number he wore, 42, was retired by Major League Baseball in 1997, the 50th anniversary of his breaking the color barrier. To date, the only person who can wear the number 42 in baseball is Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees (MLB said in 1997 that anyone who was wearing 42 at the time could wear it until they retired or were traded).