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Apr 10th, 2007, 04:55 AM
Pics are all in this link:http://s20.photobucket.com/albums/b242/PatM04/
The pics of people in the stands are me and my sis...and the pic of the number 19 is the number of our box;) Also, sorry if some of the close up pics are a little blurry...didn't have anything but my little Apitek camera/mp3 player/video camera lol.

Hey guys! Yet again I made the treck down to Amelia to watch tennis in one of the most beautiful settings on the tour. It was once again a great year and we had some good experiences. As always I had tickets for the semis and the finals. I was however unaware of my ticket location as I had not ordered them but my uncle had. My uncle is president of a bank chain on the island and this year they bank was the third largest sponsor of the tournament. Sooo...it turned out I had a box (plus all the amenities such as close parking, brunches, wine tasting, etc)! Well another surprise was the location of my box, FRONT ROW! It was amazing, I was right behind Tatiana's chair. Box number 19! We had gotten there early so there was quite a while before the matches. So much time in fact Tatiana and Ana were still on court warming up. We watched Ana for a while (see pics)...and PS her coach is hot (see pics also lol). She was having a blast. She and her coach were playing with one of those balls that is awkwardly shaped so that it takes bad bounces, it helps get you lose and works on agility. They would throw it over the net and try to catch it on one bounce. Everytime Ana would win the 'point' she would clinch her fist and give a playful 'come on' to her coach. Then the real practice began and Ana looked awesome. She looks more in shape than she has in the past and she looks like she's having an awesome time. On the court next to her, I was surprised to see Nathalie Dechy was still in town practicing. She was hitting with her coach (who may be her husband, Dechy fans can clarify). She looked good and also appeared to be having a good time. After Ana left court I walked over to the grandstand just in time to catch Tati leaving court. She looked very focused (see pics). Loic was on court with her and actually carried most of her stuff lol. I didn't get to see her practice but judging from the result of the match the practice session went well. There were still about thirty minutes left before the match so I went back to the court where Ana had been and found Nadia coming onto court. She also was in a very good mood. She, her trainer, her sister, and he coach played soccer over the net to get warm. They looked like they were having a blast. While Nadia was stretching her sister hit with the coach (her sis can rip the ball!). Finally Nadia began hitting as well. She lost a little bit of the happy personality but all in all seemed satisfied with her practice. Now it was time for matches. As you all saw on ESPN the first match was a beauty! Good drama in the second set. From the front row box those forehand to forehand rallies were:eek: :eek: . Being so close you really can tell how hard they are trying and working for every ball. I couldn't decide who to cheer for the whole time so I actually for once wasn't nervous lol. I am now a huge fan of both girls and I hope I get to see both of them back at Amelia next year! The Nadia-Sybille match wasn't as entertaining but let me say I was impressed with Sybille. Her backhand is gorgeous! Her focus is also incredible. She had her eyes closed the entire time she was in the chair during changeovers. She never looked toward the crowd or anything. She also fights very nicely. However, Nadia was just too good in the second set, cut back on errors, and started forcing the issue a little more. I am also now a big fan of Sybille's and I am so glad to see her doing well this year, good luck to her! I got to see the first set of Meg and Jeanette vs Vivi and Anabel...good match but I honestly was so tired I don't remember a whole lot about it. Anyway, my fingers hurt so I'm going to take a break before I do the Sunday report. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you!

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Thanks for this! I was planning on going to the tournament, but things didn't work out for me....sounds like you had a good time, hopefully i can go next year!

Thanks for the report and the pics! :)

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