View Full Version : Who do you WANT to win?

Jun 28th, 2002, 08:30 PM
Vera or Masha?

the cat
Jun 28th, 2002, 11:45 PM
Well, I wanted Masha to win. But Vera just obliterated her 6-1 6-1! :eek: :sad:

Vera is so much stronger than Maria! Vera already has a top level WTA physique. Her ITF Junior bio says she stands 1, 79m and weighs 68 kg's ( 149.9 lbs.). Yikes, Vera is already almost full grown at the tender age of 15! :eek: How did that happen?
Maria's ITF Junior bio lists Maria as standing 1, 71m and weighing 49 kg's (108 lbs). So she still has alot of growing to do. If you believe their ITF junior bio's, Vera outweighs Maria by about 40 pounds! OMG! Maria has reportedly grown about 9 inches in the last year or so! That's great! :D But it also happens to be hard on her body and coordination. :( I also think Maria is about 5'9" in height. And I believe she weighs more than the 108 pounds she's listed as. Her once skinny arms and slight shoulders have gotten much stronger recently. I just hope the rest of her catches up to her arms and shoulders, so she can eventually compete successfully agsainst the Amazons of the Sanex WTA Tour! :bounce:

One thing is for sure. The future looks bright for female Russian tennis! :bounce: On and off the court! ;)