View Full Version : 'A Very Russian Coup'.

Jun 27th, 2002, 01:39 AM
That's the name of a TV program I saw earlier today on the History chanel.
The program was about the attempted coup d'tat in Moscow in August '91.
It was a very interesting program.
It said the coup was attempted while Gorbachev was on holiday in the Crimea in the Ukraine. He was put under house arrest while there and the people were told he was of ill health.
The main protagonists in this program were:
(These names are probably all spelt wrong. I'm spelling them phonetically, as I heard them).
Pavlov, Verenikov, Yaszov, Lebed, Grachev, Yaniyev and Krushkov and a few more I can't remember. the program described these men as 'the Soviet old guard'.
Gorbachev was said to be very ill, and martial law was declared.
A crack KGB squad (called 'Alfa Group', apparently), were sent to 'take care' of Yeltsin. They failed.
Yeltsin got to the whitehouse and tried to rally the people against the 'old guard'. He suceeded, and it showed ordinary Moscovites doing extraordinary things, like attacking tanks and armoured cars.
That was day 1.
Day 2, and Alfa Group were meant to try and take the whitehouse by force. Some Alfa Group leaders had second thoughts. A few tanks, tried to manouvre down a side alley, but the cilivians tought the attack to get Yeltsin had begun and they bombarded they tanks with molotov cocktails. The army opened firw and it said 3 innocents were killed.
This caused Yaszov to back out of the coup, saying he didn't want to kill innocent people.
Day 3, the tanks started to abandon their positions. The coup leaders got on a plane to see Gorgachev. At this point my TV went funny and I didn't recieve a picture for a while. When the picture returned, a hugh crowd had gathered together and were chanting 'Yeltsin, Yeltsin, Yeltsin', while Boris waved the Russian flag.
Gorbachev didn't want to ban the communist party, but Yeltsin signed the decree that helped ban them, it said. It said that on christmas eve 1991, all the Soviet countries became officially seperate (or was it new years eve?).
Lebed became a minister for Yeltsin. Yaniyev was the only one to demand a trial. He was aquitted. I don't know what happened to the others.

It was a very interesting program. It said it was a 'very Russian coup', because it wasn't well planned and acted out.

There was one funny bit in the program.
The Canadian ambassador was still in Moscow, and he was riding his bike around to see what was going on.
A tank stopped in front of him. He thought something terrible was going to happen. The tank commander got out and asked the CANADIAN ambassador for directions to Red Square.