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Mar 14th, 2007, 06:48 AM
I just found this on gm but thought I would post herefor those of you who haven't seen it.


For years, Martina Hingis and Lindsay Davenport battled out for top spot on the WTA Tour. The pair were special, and not in the gifted tennis sense that most people would think I mean. For such close rivals, Hingis and Davenport had a friendship which no other top players' had ever shared. They were unique, both individually and collectively. Now, over ten years since their first meeting in Sydney 1995, Hingis has waved goodbye to her 'closest rival'.

''It's kind of sad in a way'' Hingis told reporters after Davenport announced her unofficial but extremely likely retirement last week. ''I have so many fond memories playing with and against Lindsay, it's the end of an era for me'' she continued.

Many people may have forgotten the closeness that developed between Hingis and Davenport during the late 90's when they formed some kind of 'alliance' to beat Venus and Serena Williams. Up until 2000, Hingis and Davenport had dominated the sport for several years, exchanging Grand Slam titles and the No.1 ranking. However, in late 2000, Venus began the seismic shift in Women's Tennis, from finesse to power, as she battled past both Hingis and Davenport to claim Wimbledon and the US Open respectively. The Hingis/Davenport legacy was beginning to fade. Reminded of this time, Hingis became nostalgic as she remembered the friendship that developed.
'' I remember laughing with her at many Slams. We wanted to keep our No.1 streak going.'' Hingis laughed.
''Those were fun times back then... not many of the top players were good friends, but Lindsay and I were always close'' she continued.

Ofcourse, the pair were always kept from becoming too friendly, mainly due to their own rivalry, which Hingis also reflected upon.
''She was so good, Lindsay. I remember I knew how to beat her, and then all of a sudden she beat me five straight times!''
''I think I broke her streak in Miami, but she was a tough cookie'' Hingis continued.
The Hingis/Davenport rivalry was highlighted by several tough matches. However, few could forget Davenport's dominant 6-1 7-5 final victory at the Australian Open in 2000.
''Lindsay was just too good that day, nothing I could do'' Hingis said. After 2000, Hingis and Davenport had collected a massive 67 Singles Titles and 8 Grand Slams between them. Neither of them have been quite the same players' since, but both will be remembered as two of the greats.

Ofcourse just a few years after that match in 2000, it was infact Hingis who walked away from the game, puzzled by the power hitters and exhausted from battling recurring ankle problems. The first of these injuries actually forced her retirement from a semi-final in Filderstadt in 2001, against Davenport.
''Lindsay was great that day, I remember her support and messages afterwards. It was nice.'' Hingis said.

In what was probably a fitting finale, Davenport played Hingis one last time in Indian Wells last year, just after the Swiss had announced her return to professional tennis after three years away. Hingis won the match 6-3 1-6 6-2, though Davenport became hampered by a lower back problem late in the third set with Hingis leading 4-2. That back problem kept her out most of last year, while Hingis re-asserted herself amongst the game's elite. In many ways, it was almost scripted as Davenport herself walked away at the end of the year, ready to start a family and unlikely to play again.

As this year's Australian Open draws near, it is clear that one star has returned, and another star is now leaving. Davenport has left it up to Hingis to carry on the memory of the way they used to play.
''I remember when I came back last year, she (Lindsay) was happy to have me back'' Hingis said.
''She told me I was far too good to have retired so young and she hoped that I was successful in the future.''
Hingis' future success will undoubtedly be followed closely by Davenport, who was asked who she thought would win this years' first grand slam. ''I think it's very open this year, but I actually think Martina might surprise some people'' she predicted.
On the other hand, Hingis wished her old rival the best of luck.
'' I know Lindsay will be a great mum and I wish her all the best'' she said.

Not sure of where its come from but it was written some time around the Australian open this year.

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A good article, thanks.
I like Martina,too

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A good article, thanks.
I like Martina,too

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