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Mar 4th, 2007, 01:30 PM


February 22, 2007
Well what do you know - women are now going to make the same amount of money at Wimbledon. Equal prize money is here at last. Which now leaves the French Open as the only Grand Slam event that does not offer equal money to the women. The French will announce their prize money structure in a few weeks and the pressure will definitely be on to follow in the All England Lawn Tennis Club footsteps. Otherwise Christian Bimes will look pretty desperate trying to explain why his tournament is the only one still trying to hang on to some bad 20th century logic. If and when all the slams will offer equal money to everyone we can start talking about the real issue here - why is the prize money so low compared to the profits made in all the slams.

Tennis has fallen so far behind in prize money compared to what the golfers are making - it is sad. And the Grand Slams, I believe, play a big part in this. By not increasing the money enough to keep up with the net profits, the game's profile suffers. (One must keep in mind the prize money in a slam is over a two-week period, so in effect the season ending championships pay twice as much as a slam). So let's see what happens when the French announce their payout and we'll go from there.

For now - kudos to Wimbledon for doing the right thing, even if it did a few more decades that it should have taken. Here is to equality for women around the world and this is a very small step in that direction!

Mar 4th, 2007, 02:16 PM
I think the WTA is the problem regarding prizemoney, not the majors.
Doha just paid Sveta $111,000 for beating a WC, Fran and Dani, then losing.

The WTA should be congratulating Doha for paying so well. And publicizing it on their website.
The prizemoney for women can easily be doubled, but the WTA has to want to do it. And they don't want to.