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Feb 11th, 2007, 03:45 AM
Oh my goodness; this is getting ridiculous!!:help::tape:

http://a1568.g.akamai.net/7/1568/1600/20060224024840/music.yahoo.com/promos/topevents/images/hdr_whats_new_in_news.gif http://music.yahoo.com/promos/topevents/images/princehalftime2.jpg (http://news.yahoo.com/photo/070205/ids_photos_sp/r2707058544.jpg)
Prince shows off
his shadow puppet.

Well, it's been about a week since the da Bears/Colts showdown, yet some bloggers can't stop blabbing about all the hoopla surrounding the Super Bowl. "Embarrassingly rude, crude, and unfortunately placed," cries TV critic David Bianculli--and no, he's not talking about Kevin Federline's commercial. No, Bianculli and a few other hyperactively imaginative types are reacting to Prince's allegedly phallic halftime show. Now, considering that just a couple years ago Janet Jackson's nipple-flashing Super Bowl stunt set post-PMRC censorship back about three decades, touchy TV viewers and the easily freaked FCC ought to be thrilled that the most potentially offensive section of the "Controversy" king's show was a shadowy silhouette which, if you squinted real hard, kinda/sorta resembled an extremely pointy penis instead of an innocent guitar neck. Also, keep in mind that back in the '80s, His Purple Majesty used to play a guitar that ejaculated mystery fluid during the, um, climactic ending of "Let's Go Crazy"--so things could've been much, much worse. So, was Prince's performance the work of a "lustful, pansexual rock 'n' roll deviant," as Stephen Colbert claims? Eh, maybe. But Rolling Stone's Gavin Edwards makes a good point when he argues, "Those [marching band] trombones are phallic, too. What are you going to do?" Well, the answer is clear, Gavin. Obviously all trombones must be banned from now on...

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I think somebody is setting his 'penis' on fire. :lol: