View Full Version : Border Agents in Prison-Consv. Radio is MAD!

Feb 9th, 2007, 04:11 PM
If you listen to far right radio, Michael Medved/John & Ken/Al Rantel/
even Sean Hannity/, you would think two poor border patrol agents
were minding their own business, when the Bush pro-amnesty
govt. swooped in and arrested them and made up charges and put
the two in court, then to prison, and then let prisoners beat
them up! Two innocent men! It's a pro-cheap labor, pro-amnesty,
Bush trick! They want a pardon, amnesty, the sentence changed!

THIS, not the war, not Pelosi, not Iran, is what is fueling talk radio
right now.

If you don't jump on the Campeon and Ramos Bandwagon, you're
a left wing nut or a Bush flunky, per most of the hosts and bigwigs
like Rohrbacher and Tancredo.

*Personally, Campeon and Ramos have great radio PR, and little
legal back up so far.

*Campeon and Ramos were given long sentences, and on that,
I do agree the terms are too long. I also think as former federal
officers, they cannot be put in regular prison population, they have
to get more security or put in solitary confinement while their appeals
go forth.

Yes, I think 10 year plus sentences are extreme, and should be
lessened greatly.

*However, I think the extreme anger at Bush and the Border Patrol
and the Justice Dept. over this is nonsense. These two men, by their
own testimony, in broad daylight, with a dozen agents around them -
shot at a man who was visibly unarmed, and who was (the main point)
running away from them with his back to them.

Criminal or not, suspected drug dealer, etc., doesn't matter - you do not
shoot at an unarmed person, and you do not shoot 15 times at a person
running away from you, with no immediate harm known to you.

LAPD or FBI or Border Patrol - that type of shooting does call into
question whether or not deadly force was called for........in this case,
it was likely not called for.

*The two did cover up their evidence, and doctored the reports they
turned in.

That's perjury and obstruction of justice.

That's what got them in trouble the most. Ask Martha Stewart, that's
what got her in trouble. Ask Bill Clinton, he was impeached for perjury
and obstruction of justice, not an affair. The cover up is what got
them in trouble in the first place.

*Was this case handled right? Probably not as well as it could have been.

*Are they victims? No. I don't think from all I've read they are innocent
victims of the justice system. I think they got a tough sentence in a surprise move by the judge, but the trial....that was as fair as usual.

*The appeal process should clear up any questions that are there, and
they may well get lighter sentences or a new trial. Fine.

*In the end, Bush may end up commuting the sentences or pardoning
the two men...but, he isn't going to do it before the appeal process is
complete. He isn't going to do it under threats from Rohrbacher and
Tancredo and the Minutemen.

Feb 9th, 2007, 04:18 PM
Sorry, I meant MIichael Savage, not Medved.