View Full Version : Does "Entertainment" Distort "Love"?

Cat's Pajamas
Feb 9th, 2007, 04:11 AM
On the radio today I heard a song by Gym Class Heroes called Take a Look at My Girlfriend. Basically it was talking about how he "fell in love" with some other girl(s) and cheated on his girlfriend, partly because she didn't have sex with him enough. Also, Akon has a song out called "I Wanna Love You" but the uncut version is "I Wanna Fuck You". Basically the point of my post, is that it seems music as well as TV and other sources of entertainment are constantly making love out to be, just some easy thing to accomplish, pretty much sex. But I feel like love is a much deeper emotion, very complex, rare, and treasurable. It seems to me that we no longer have a distinguished feeling of what love is, instead the term is tossed around like Paris Hilton. And also is there even anything we can do about it? :shrug: