View Full Version : Libby Trial - Prosecution almost done, defense up next

Feb 8th, 2007, 07:12 PM
OK, so that's about it for the Fitzgerald presentation? His star witness
turned out to be a bumbling witness (Judith Miller), and even Russert
and others were caught going 'don't recall' when having their own
words read back to them from the transcripts.

How do you not remember what you said under oath?

Oh wait, that's what Libby is using as a defense.

So far all I know from the full transcripts, that are on line
at various sources - is that most of Washington, D.C. knew
Plame was CIA, Wilson was a blowhard, and that Armitage
was the leaker long ago, even Fitzgerald.

The defense is up next. Should be interesting.

For a story never published (by Miller), about a guy who
admittedly is not the leaker (that's Armitage, and even
Ari Fleischer - both who were given immunity by the saint
Fitzgerald), about a law that by the judges jury instruction
is not on trial at all.

I don't know. If perjury happened in the fishing expedition put on
by Fitzgerald over 2 years...then, so be it. Martha Stewart went
to jail for it. The two border agents are largely in prison because
of perjury and obstruction of justice right now. Libby could go too.

But, this investigation and trial so far are lacking in a lot of 'gotcha'
moments, and likely should have been concluded once Armitage was
the admitted leaker, over 2 years ago.

Feb 8th, 2007, 07:48 PM
Evidently, Saint Patrick Fitzgerald has rested his case. Opening
portion anyway, he can recall witnesses and present more later

A Washington, D.C. jury is made up of about 100% Democrats, as is
the general population of D.C. residents....will likely convict Libby no
matter what the evidence may be.