View Full Version : JJ sends a gift to a fan in Japan (rhyme intended)

Feb 1st, 2007, 04:04 AM
this was posted on b92

JJ, who's playing Tokio, sent gymware, sneakers, a hat and a few photos of her to a fan in Japan who has leukemia.
"i received a caricature drawing made by a 14 year old Sumi Tomo. she has leukemia and she's in hospital right now. She said she watches my matches all the time and that she's a big fan of mine. she wanted to be atennis player and she loves to draw. she wrote that I was a big inspiration to her, that i give her the strength to fight like I do on the court. She asked me to send her something, whatever, because that's a big dream of hers. i wish her a speedy recovery."