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Jan 20th, 2007, 05:52 AM
Today was an extremely hot day, one of the toughest days I've had at the tennis, and it would have been even tougher on the players. I think it reached about 43 degrees C. The first matches of the day were all played in the full heat, and it was really a contest of who could stand the heat better. After that the roof was closed on Vodafone and RLA and outside courts were stopped. I was so thankful that I had a Vodafone reserved seat, even though I wouldnt normally go in there, it was useful on a day like this. I spent most of the day on Vodafone for lack of anything else to see, though the womens matches on Vodafone were boring as they were one sided blowouts.
The outside courts started up again at 8.15pm, and continued through until about 3.30am, though I left at about 10.30pm. It was very exciting and different to see all the outside court matches going on in the dark under the lights. It was still extremely hot and humid, even at night, and it was literally like being in an oven in the day, as there was a hot wind too. It was just horrible conditions for the players playing the first match.

Ivanovic def King

Ana played really well today and was just too powerful for Vania. She hardly missed a shot. Vania had a nice game and good flat groundstrokes but couldnt match Ana's power.

Hingis def Dechy

Hingis was just awesome, she played so well and consistently and was being aggressive in a lot of points. Dechy was just really crap and didn't really give her a contest.

Mirza def Savchuk

I just saw the end of the 2nd set, and Olga looked to be playing really well and hit some very nice flat groundstrokes. She would be ranked a lot higher if she plays like she does at the Ao all the time. Sania played ok but was inconsistent. Olga was troubled by the heat but still managed to lead 5-3. Sania then fought back and played really well while Olga choked a little. Sania ended strongly and won the last 4 games to win 7-5.

Radwanska def Lepchenko

This was played at night under the lights on an outside court. Varvara looked like she was dominating all the points, and she was quite powerful but couldnt finish off some points. Radwanska was not as powerful but her shots were well placed and she moved the ball around well and had some great touch.

Nakamura def Danilidou

Aiko was on fire, she hit pretty hard and close to the lines and dominated every point. She even served a few aces. It was a great match from Aiko except when she went off the boil a bit in the middle of the first set. Eleni played poorly, made UEs and her serve was atrocious. In one game she made three DFs and didnt get her serve in most of the time. A large group of Chilean fans were here for this match, as they were waiting for Gonzalez to come on next, and some of them were cheering Aiko lol.

Morigami def Pironkova

Pironkova was very powerful, and her backhand was an excellent shot especially. She hit a lot of good winners from that side, and she was serving for the first set but lost it. She is very talented but was inconsistent. She had a group of Bulgarians cheering and chanting for her. Akiko was more solid, she played some great points and was very pumped.

Jan 20th, 2007, 09:46 AM
Yeah, Tuesday was an extremly hot day, probably should make a report myself considering i was there monday-to-friday. I was stcuk back row of vodafone most of the afternoon, i saw ivanovic's match, she played well and hinigis was just too good for dechy.