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Jan 16th, 2007, 12:27 PM
The tournament directors love Hingis.14/01/07

The Swiss is much in demand on the tour and gets also privileges.

Ahead of the Australian Open, Martina Hingis did not win any title at the tournaments of Gold Coast and Sydney. Nevertheless she got already a prestige success for 2007. In a vote by the tournament director for the Marquee Value she got the most points from the three parts(Europe, America, Rest of the World). This means, that the she is highly regarded: all WTA Tournaments want to have Hingis at their draws.
Tennis is a simple play. But is is rather complicate to distribute the 900 Pro Players to the 62 tournaments with a total prize money of USD 63 millions. First of all this is regulated by the ranking.

Every week there is a new ranking list issued. But in practice the fifty best are even better off: the first twenty are included in a Golden, the positions 21 to 50 in a Silver Exempt List. “Exempt” means
to allow players not to obey certain rules. This lists are made by the tournaments after the US Open for the next season. They, which pay a lot of prize money, want some equivalent. And the Exempt List shows the ranking and the marquee value of the players.
The first on the Gold Exempt List are Mauresmo, Sharapova and Henin. In the second group Hingis leads as no. 4 before Kuznetsova and Dementieva. Martina is 3 positions better than her ranking. On the quiet there are rumours that Martina got enough points to take over the lead together with Sharapova.

This has a lot to do with the politics in women tennis. First there are the agencies, whichs have rights at tournaments and players. Mauresmo,.Hingis and Dementieva have contracts with the US Octagon, Sharapova with IMG. The agents direct there clients to events where they get most dollars. Besides, the Exempt-Players have also duties. They have to play in the mininum twelve tier I or tier II tournaments. For each half year, Martina can be forced by the WTA Tour to participate at two tournaments. Good conduct will be rewarded at the end of the year with a cheque from the 4 millions dollars pool.

Although there are lot of rules the players are spoilt with privileges. For example Hingis can have an unlimited number of wild cards. And without regard to the term of application, she can decide at any time to participate at a tournament. Such a preference does not exist at ATP Tour.

For Hingis the red carpet will be brought out in 2007: and furthermore she profits from better seedings positions. At Octagon she has besides the American Phil De Picciotto with the English Alistayr Gerland a new representative. After Melbourne she will play Tokyo, Dubai and Doha. The WTA-Tour tolerates also some “appearance fees” , whereby they are not so high like at the ATP-Tour. Hingis is not disturbed by this fact. With only a height of 170 cm she is still a giant at the women-circus and the darling of the tournaments directors.

great job and great business martina :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Jan 16th, 2007, 12:35 PM
I'm not surprised. Hingis can play 20 events a year, easily fulfilling the GE commitments, and playing virtually every Tier 1 and some important Tier 2's. Not only that, she RARELY lost early in her heyday (even last year). I dont like that she's playing Dubai AND Doha though, then most likely playing IW and Miami. Assuming she loses to Kim in the Oz QF's, she should play Tokyo. Then she should only play one of the two events (both are Tier 2's) - she's defending more points at Doha, and it will most likely be weaker, so I'd pick that one.