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Jan 15th, 2007, 02:08 PM
Some of the matches i was able to watch
Mauresmo v Perry
Srebotnik v Dellacqua
Tulyaganova v Adamczak
Serena v Santangelo

1. Mauresmo v Perry
Well it started off a little shaky for Amelie, she lost her serve and Perry came out firing. Perry got the break and lead 2-1 but then Mauresmo kicked it up a gear.
From there the next 40 minutes was all Mauresmo as she won 10 games to 2.
She really was in sparkling form for the rest of the first set and half of the second. It was vintage Amelie just like last year her game was really coming together.
Perry had her chances she plays well, and is a skilful player, great ball skills, you can see that by the way she bounces the balls between the points.
Nearing the victory Mauresmo maybe took her foot off the pedal a bit and Perry stepped it up, it was too little too late trailing 5-1.
She did however manage to reel off three consecutive games by playing great tennis and going for it. then Mauresmo closed it out. Perry has talent but she needs to learn how to hold back on certain low percentage shots.
It was a good match from both.

Srebotnik v Dellacqua
This loomed as a danger match and potential upset for Srebotnik.
Dellacqua has been playing some good tennis lately and hitting the ball unbelievable, Dellacqua is mainly a power player that doesn't hold back.
Srebotnik had that touch of experience and confidence that Dellacqua didn't have which became evident at certain points.
Dellacqua stormed out of the gates and looked very good early but then rolled her ankle at 1-1 first set.
It didn't look good for her but after an injury time out and some strapping all seemed fine. Srebotnik forged ahead before Dellacqua turned the tables and was reeling off winner after winner. Before you knew it she'd claimed the first set 6-4. Srebotnik needed to respond and she did in the second set, her game was looking a bit too strong for Dellacqua who was relying on winners mainly. Srebotnik answered and levelled at 1-1.
The third set was a bit of a rollercoaster and really could have gone either way, Dellacqua played some good Tennis but just went for a bit too much and
narrowly missed on a few key points.
Srebotnik was good though, she made Casey play and it looked like she basically let Casey decide the outcome by returning the ball to the middle of the court and letting Casey rip.
A good match where experience beat inexperience.

Tulyaganova v Adamczak
I thought Tulyaganova would have too much for Adamczak, however when play began it became clear that Iroda didn't have her radar on.
Monique was playing really well and didn't miss a beat but at the other end of the court Iroda was making error after error, she just didn't allow herself to get in the match. The first set was over very quickly and Iroda's frustration was clear, it carried into the second set where Monique continued to play great Tennis not allowing Iroda's big baseline game to penetrate her defence.
It was a close fought set that came down to the 10th game on Iroda's serve, it was a poor game from her and finished with more errors.
Iroda congratulated Monique after the match, too good.

Serena v Santangelo
Serena had been talking the talk in the lead up to the event and her self belief is pretty obvious.
Mara gave Serena a good match last year and the way it started it looked like being another 3 set battle to the end.
At 2 games all Mara was holding her own, then Serena really did step up a gear and started finding her range.
Serena's movement and forehand on the run was excellent. She took control of the match and played a good all round game coming to the net and overpowering from the back of the court.
From 2-2 in the first set she never looked back. An easy winner.

Jan 15th, 2007, 02:31 PM
thanks for report :kiss:

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Very nice reports. Thanks :D :bounce:

Jan 15th, 2007, 03:09 PM
Thanks a lot for your reports! :)

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Jan 15th, 2007, 03:24 PM
Thankyou for the report. It was actually a good one and nice to see the analysis of the players games as well as how the match progressed. (there are a lot of awful reports posted on the board imo)

If you go again, please post another!

Jan 15th, 2007, 03:28 PM