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Jan 11th, 2007, 03:31 PM
Just going through the OOP and writing what I can remember from each match :)

Shvedova def Breadmore

Typical Breadmore match, it took about 3.5 hrs. I only saw the latter stages of the 3rd set. Breadmore served for the match at 5-3 and had match point but she missed a makeable pass. After that she got broken and Shvedova played some good tennis to come back. She was really strong and hit hard to dominate from the back of the court. Lauren scrambled well and got a lot back but Shvedova was able to finish off the points at the end. Shvedova got pumped up a lot towards the end and kept yelling something that sounded like an aggressive growl when she won points :unsure:

Gabashvili def Coelho

I saw the whole 2nd set, score was a lot closer than it looked, as Coelho had tons of bps on different service games but didn't play those points well and only managed to break once, but then gave it back through sloppy play on his own serve. Coelho played well overall but just didnt play the big points well. Gabashvili was not at his best, and made a lot of UEs but did enough to get through.

Mertinak def Sirianni

Both took it in turns to play good and then awful. Mertinak used his power and Joe mixed it up with his variety. In the last set Joe was the one who was awful, and gave it away with lots of UEs and DFs.

Lisjak def Bai

I didnt watch this for long, but Lisjak seemed to be playing well. She looked very fit as usual and had too much power for Alison. Bai was inconsistent and was not in her league.

Morita def Errani

Ayumi played well and was impressive. She was very quick around the court and could hit winners from both sides. She went off the boil a bit when she was leading 4-1 in the 2nd set and it went back to 4-3, but she managed to hold on and win 6-4. Errani looks really short and stocky, and walks like Schiavone and has a loud grunt too. She was pretty solid but didnt have enough to beat Morita.

Henke def Yan

I only saw the latter stages of the 2nd set and it was just error after error from Yan. She couldn't keep the ball in play and Henke didn't really need to do much to win :help:

Pavlyuchenkova def Chakhnashvili

They both looked like good players, Pav didnt really have a lot of power like most other young players but she was very consistent and accurate when playing well. Pav was up 5-2 in the first set but choked the lead and then called the trainer and got her legs massaged. After that she won the set. In the 2nd set she was also leading 4-1 or something like that, and Chak came back and levelled it, then Pav called the trainer again for her legs, and the same thing happened and she won. If she had an injury it didn't really look serious.

O'Brien def Chen

They were both pretty consistent at the start, at the end of the 1st set Chen put the pressure on and hit the ball harder and close to the lines, and was able to break and win the set. Katie was very consistent but she didn't have any weapons. Chen was also consistent but could sometimes crack the ball hard off either side when she wanted to, and has a big serve which she won a lot of free points with. The 2nd set was closer than the score, but Chen didn't take her game points and missed a lot of chances. During the 3rd set Chen was clearly struggling physically, she kept bending over to stretch and looked to be in pain. It started at around the end of the 2nd set/start of the 3rd, not exactly sure. Despite this Chen got an early break in the 3rd set, but got broken back. Chen was really struggling and making tons of UEs now but still managed to win games somehow. I was sure Katie would win because of Chen's condition, and she got a match point at one stage and plenty of chances but couldn't close it out. Chen then strung some points together and had 0-40 on Katie's serve at 6-6, and also at 7-7, but she just gave away the bps with simple errors and lost both games. After this she called the trainer, but when she came out she collapsed on the court with leg cramps after hitting a serve and couldn't get up. The trainer went to assist her and they had to send someone over to ask if she was going to retire, and she did. Katie had to go over to shake her hand as she still couldnt get up and she was still lying there after everyone had left the court :(
There was a group of really annoying Katie fans who kept cheering loudly for every point Katie won during the match, even if it was a DF or UE, and they were classless enough to cheer and celebrate when the umpire announced that Chen couldn't continue and Chen was still lying on the ground in pain :fiery:

Perebiynis def Amanmuradova

2nd set was really tight but Akgul made a couple of UEs at the wrong moments at the end of the TB including a really bad drop volley attempt, so she lost the match. During the tiebreak some annoying little kid came over and said "Is that a man? I think thats a man!" :rolleyes: He was on Akgul's side so she might have heard that :( I saw Iroda there watching, she looked really trim and fit.

Bolelli def Greg Jones

Both players were playing pretty well and had a lot of entertaining rallies. Jones had his chance to win when he served for the match at like 10-9, but he lost the game and then played a bad game serving at 11-12 to lose the match.

Argeri def Zhang

I only saw the start and Shuai seemed to be very talented and was impressive at the start. She has a good serve and an awesome backhand which she can really crack hard and hit winners with. Argeri was a good consistent player with variety on her one handed backhand.

Barrois def Suarez

Barrois played really well, she hit her balls deep and was consistent and mixed it up well with slices. Suarez made too many UEs and DFs for someone with her game.

Cornet def Bondarenko

I only saw the last set. Katerina has a lot of power and dominated most of the points. She played some excellent points and made some great winners but a lot of UEs too. Cornet was solid and in the end too consistent for Katerina. Cornet was up 4-1 but Katerina played well to level it, then when Katerina was down 4-5 she hit every ball in that game over the baseline and lost the match :rolleyes: Katerina had the best outfit of the day, a cute little blue dress.

Bacsinszky def South

This was a good match, both players played well and hit the ball hard and quite consistently. They both made some great winners and South played particularly well when she was down but Timea was just the better player. South is a talented player, much better than O'Brien.

Sanchez def Osterloh

I only saw a few games at the end, but from what I saw Olivia was playing really well and Osterloh really didnt do much wrong. Olivia's serve and groundies were working well and she managed to hit a lot of winners.

Erakovic def Matei

I saw about half the first set, Matei played well and was better than I thought she'd be. She was consistent and kept the balls deep, though she lacked a big shot. Erakovic had the ability to crack the ball hard and force the point and she strung some points like that together at the end to get the vital break for the set.

Kudryavtseva def Cibulkova

Dominika is very talented, she has great power off both sides but also has problems controlling the power. She made some good winners but also a lot of UEs. She was leading by an early break in the first set, and also up 4-2 in the 2nd set but let both leads slip by being impatient and making errors by trying to end the point too soon. Alla was a bit better than what I remember last year, but she still lacks weapons and won most of the points by getting the ball in play and moving Domi around until she made the error. Domi was playing pretty bad in the 2nd set after she led 4-2 and I was sure she'd lose the set, but then Alla tightened up when she had the opportunity to break (it might have been match points, cant remember) and let Dominika hold serve, then she lost the 2nd set.

Thats all I saw for today, I got a few photos too which I'll post later.

Jan 11th, 2007, 03:39 PM
Thanks for the report.

Katie had her own group of fans? :eek: :spit:

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Thanks for the report

Chen collapsing on the court :eek: :unsure:

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thanx for the reports :)

hope someone else has got some reports also ;)

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Chen :eek: :sad:

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thanks for report

anyone has seen Sakowicz vs. Szavay ?
I read Joanna had 7 mp and while she was serving at 5:2 in decisive set it was 40:0


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pics of Ayumi?!!!
i would be so happy

good report by the way!
u rock!

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thanks alot! great report, enjoy :)

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Yanchong :hug:

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Bacsinszky def South

This was a good match, both players played well and hit the ball hard and quite consistently. They both made some great winners and South played particularly well when she was down but Timea was just the better player. South is a talented player, much better than O'Brien.

Thanks for your reports, kind of you to take the time to write up what you saw for us lesser mortals who could not be there, it is very much appreciated. Thank you. :worship:

Jan 12th, 2007, 12:47 AM
Great report! I'm so excited about Shuai Zhang and Yan Chong CHen!! Also great to hear about Ayumi!!!

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Thanks for the report. :D

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No Dubois vs Perianu :sad:

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Nice reports as usual Liz! :)

We were at many of the same matches - ugh I'm so sore from all the walking. East to west, west to east and so on :rolleyes: So annoying, they need a courtesy golf cart or something. LOL.

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Thanks a lot :D Great report :yeah:

Poor Yanchong :awww:

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Thanx :)

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Europe rocks
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Great report, shame about the Katie fans :sad: