View Full Version : Jelena Dokic Video Thread

Dec 18th, 2006, 08:09 AM
I decided to start a thread on Jelena's videos to give us a reminder of some of the memorable matches of Jelena's career.

Can everybody please post the links to download the matches, interviews etc. that they have of Jelena?

If anybody could upload some videos of Jelena and give the links to download them that would be great.

If you have a request for a match, interview etc. of Jelena you can kindly post it and patiently wait for somebody to give you the download link IF they have it.

Thanks :)

PS. Unfortunately I do not have any of Jelena's matches, interviews etc. on my computer because I only began watching tennis when I was 10 (I'm 13 now) and by then Jelena's best tennis days were well over. This is why I decided to make this thread - so that people such as me who missed memorable matches of Jelena's career can catch up and watch them on our computers.

Dec 19th, 2006, 08:57 AM
Ok well I have some (a lot) of Jelena Dokic video match requests. Obviously I don't expect them all but if you have any of them that would be great.

2006 Dokic vs Razzano - Australian Open
2003 Dokic vs Clijsters - Zurich
2003 Dokic vs Schnyder - Zurich
2003 Dokic vs Pierce - US Open
2003 Dokic vs Sharapova - Wimbledon
2002 Dokic vs Hingis - Montreal
2002 Dokic vs Stevenson - Montreal
2002 Dokic vs Kournikova - San Diego
2002 Dokic vs Capriati - San Diego
2002 Dokic vs Hantuchova - Wimbledon
2002 Dokic vs Capriati - Roland Garros
2002 Dokic vs Henin-Hardenne - Hamburg
2001 Dokic vs Clijsters - Toyota Princess Cup
2001 Dokic vs Mauresmo - Italian Open
2001 Dokic vs Davenport - Australian Open
2000 Dokic vs Seles - Olympics
2000 Dokic vs Dementieva - Olympics
2000 Dokic vs S. Williams - US Open
2000 Dokic vs Davenport - Wimbledon
2000 Dokic vs Seles - Italian Open
2000 Dokic vs V. Williams - Italian Open
2000 Dokic vs Kournikova - Fed Cup (April)
2000 Dokic vs Clijsters - Fed Cup (April)
1999 Dokic vs Stevenson - Wimbledon
1999 Dokic vs Pierce - Wimbledon
1999 Dokic vs Hingis - Wimbledon
1999 Dokic vs Hingis - Australian Open

Thanks :)