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Nov 29th, 2006, 06:41 PM
Once again, a story on the increasing deadly violence in Mexico.

The real quagmire isn't in the Middle East, it's a few miles
from our border.

Beheadings, lobbed off arms and legs and fingers and genitals.

So brash, the killers put their names on the bodies with knives.

Mexico's drug and regional wars go on, and get worse.

Headlines in Mexico show this.

All over Mexico.

Oaxaca has had violent months of protests, attacks, and yes,
even deaths.

Mexico City - it's an every day thing.

The border towns are full of corrupt police, corrupt military,
lax military, drug wars, drug killings, beheadings, lynchings,
rapes, assaults, every single day.

All the while, we ignore it as a nation.
We go down there for fun and sun.

The legislature in Mexico has turned into actual fights
in the aisles.

The losing Presidential candidate is still declaring he won,and
inciting protests and riots and violence in the process.

I guess a few more Americans will have to be killed there,
ones that maybe are white with blonde hair, not brown with
black hair, for it to be a Today Show story.

Nov 29th, 2006, 08:38 PM
Do you have the link to the story? It would be an interesting read.

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