View Full Version : Alberta: Canada's one party province to get it's new leader

dementieva's fan
Nov 28th, 2006, 06:58 AM
My ex province will get a new premier this weekend, it will either go in the direction of hard republican style right or traditional PC moderatism depending upon who is elected as the leader of Alberta Progressive Conservative Party on Saturday.
Jim Dinnning the progressive moderate with 30% support on first ballot

Ted Morton the hard right social conservative who plans to build firewall around Alberta with 26% support on the first ballot mostly from rural southern Alberta.

Any Albertans here? :wavey:

Nov 28th, 2006, 07:58 AM
I am, and I am very happy ol' drunk Ralphie has finally decided to step down from his dictatorship. The only question now is what "progressive conservative" loser they are going to put in his place, cuz we all know they'll win again. :o I expect more tax cuts and "surplus" rebates (the 'conservative' way of staying power, as if we have any choice).... and the cost of living where I am (the far north of Alberta) to rise even more and the city to become more over crowded than ever. :) If you ever came here, you'd think you just stepped back into an Eastern European "communist" time warp in the late 80s, as you have to line up for most everything here. The only differences are that there is a shortage of service workers and not products; and people drive massive pick-up trucks instead of trabants. :lol: I would much rather see people NOT having to pay $1600 a month for a shabby two bedroom apartment, than have some little rebate here and there. Personally, I would also rather not have any of those conservative losers in the leadership, but my vote will count for nothing...

The only good thing seemed to be that they were FINALLY doing some work on the highways leading into this isolated city (a well known death trap up in here in totally poor shape) but word is going around the only reason it's being done is because our PC representative has a cabin out of town and needs a better road to get there. :o :lol: