View Full Version : Justine vs. Amelie???

Nov 12th, 2006, 12:09 AM
Well who do you people think will hold the title on sunday?I would nudge Amelie as the favourite because the spin she puts on the ball swamps Justine way behind the baseline and he height does not help in this play as she has to get right up to those spin demons from Amelie and Amelie then can finish the points at the net after she gets a weak reply from Justine.Justine would of rathererd to get Kim in the final because she thrives on those flat balls from Kim and sends them back twicw as fast to Kim,but against Amelie its totally different as she is behind the baseline retrieving those big spin groundies from Amelie.But Justine as the champion she is will not hand it to Amelie.Expect a cracker!!!

Steffica Greles
Nov 12th, 2006, 12:18 AM
It's always SO difficult to pick between these two. In fact, there is not a more difficult match-up to call in higher echelon tennis than between these two.

Henin is the more powerful and aggressive. Her nerves are steadier than Amelie's. I prefer her serve to Amelie's, whose toss is a little restrictive.

However, Amelie is physically the stronger - there's no doubt about that. She is fitter and without as many illnesses lingering in the back of her mind.

There's something of a "tough girl" image to Justine. The girl whose mother died when she was a child and who has always had to put on a hard face when behind the scenes she is struggling to cope. So however tough Justine is, I don't think we always realise what she has to go through just to play the sport.

It really depends on who is the most aggressive without committing errors. Usually that would be Justine, but she hasn't won many major finals this year, and Amelie has. The momentum in this rivalry is also with the Frenchwoman.

But all runs come to an end, and there's no cannier an operator than Justine.

I am going to sit on the fence. 50-50.