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Nov 7th, 2006, 06:01 AM
This week a player will win her first title in Spain. These days the WTA Tour is far more international than it was before.

Here is the breakdown of the countries players have won titles in:

*Mauresmo: 12 (Slovakia, Australia, France, US, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Poland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, UK)
*Sharapova: 8 (Japan, Canada, UK, Korea, US, Qatar, Switzerland, Austria)
*Henin-Hardenne: 13 (Belgium, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, UAE, US, France, Canada, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, UK)
*Kuznetsova: 5 (Finland, Indonesia, UK, US, China)
*Petrova: 4 (Austria, Qatar, US, Germany)
*Clijsters: 11 (Luxembourg, Australia, Germany, US, Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, UK, Canada, Poland)
*Hingis: 14 (Germany, US, Australia, Japan, France, UK, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, Qatar, UAE, India)
*Dementieva: 5 (US, Indonesia, China, Belgium, Japan)
*Schnyder: 8 (Australia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy, Indonesia, Switzerland, US)
*Vaidisova: 6 (Canada, Uzbekhistan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, France) (not bad for only having won 6 titles!)

*Davenport: 11 (Switzerland, Australia, France, US, Japan, Spain, UK, Austria, Germany, UAE, Indonesia)
*Seles: 12 (US, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Spain, Canada, UK, Brazil, China, Qatar)
*Pierce: 11 (Italy, Puerto Rico, Germany, Australia, Japan, France, US, Russia, Luxembourg, Austria, Netherlands)
*Capriati: 7 (Puerto Rico, US, Canada, Spain, Australia, France, Luxembourg)
*Venus: 10 (US, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Australia, France, Belgium, Poland, Turkey)
*Serena: 9 (France, US, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, UK, Australia, China)

Compare this to Steffi Graf, who won 107 titles in just 9 countries: US, Germany, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, UK, Italy, France, Canada

Or Navratilova with 167 in just 7 countries: (US, Australia, UK, Canada, Japan, France, Germany)

So it looks like Hingis holds the record now, although Henin-Hardenne could tie her if she wins this week!

Also noteworthy:
*Anna Smashnova with 10 (Uzbekhistan, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, China, Poland, Finland, Italy, Hungary)

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