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So Disrespectful
Oct 31st, 2006, 11:28 AM
These are players that run on confidence and have a tendency to be severely underrated because of a string of bad results, when, in reality, they could go on a huge tear at any moment.

Here are mine-

There are plenty more. Now that I think about it, they must make up 1/4 of the tour :eek:

Oct 31st, 2006, 11:34 AM
From the players you refered, Molik, Zvonareva and Hantuchova have already showed what they are capable of when at their best. Molik was playing great, huge serve, solid groundstrokes in the end of 2004 and beginning of 2005. Zvonareva, in 2004 was a top 10 player that was consistently playing at the latter stages of the tournaments and Hantuchova also reached a top 5 level in 2002.

About the others, the one that has most potential to me is Golovin. She doesn't have much luck because when she is rising her level to what it is expected from her, she gets injured. Otherwise, I think she would be already competing for a top 10 placement with Vaidisova, Schnyder and Safina.
The others just don't seem top 10 material to me...

So Disrespectful
Oct 31st, 2006, 11:44 AM
The point is, a player like Sharapova can recover from an injury and play amazing in her 2nd tournament back. All of these players need to slowly rebuild their confidence before they can do any damage, sometimes taking months or even a year to play at their best again.