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Oct 27th, 2006, 07:42 PM

24 oktober 2006
Serena @ 15:07

Shots for Africa

Did you know that before you go to Africa you have to get certain shots to make sure that you don't catch anything? Well I am telling you that these shots HURT! They are so painful that I could not move my arms for two days! Ahhhhh.....
I just was feeing so weak. Not only could I not move my arms, but I also got sick the next day. I was feeling dizzy, and nauseous. My cousin Rachel R. Alexander.... and u must say R between the Rachel and Alexander, because she is so proud of the R. But anyways Rachel also is my personal assistant (as well as my confidant... she knows just about everything about me) and she is going to Africa as well so she had to get the shots as well, and boy was she not feeling well! As a matter of fact she is really sick right now, and she has been in bed for two days..... is it worth it? I know it will be. Going home to my home country is worth all of it. I can't wait to write and tell everyone about all of our adventures in Africa. Itís going to be a blast. Stay tuned!!

Does anybody know which country(ies) in Africa & which particular sites she is going to visit? So she is going without Venus?
Serena, enjoy your visit!

Oct 27th, 2006, 07:50 PM
Sorry Mileen! olivia666 already beat you to it, but thanks anyway!

I like Serena's blog.