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Rising Sun
Jun 11th, 2002, 02:41 PM

1-Nana Miyagi (JPN) vs Q
Q vs Alyssa Cohen (USA)
Jennifer Embry (USA) vs Kristen Schlukebir (USA)
Q vs 7-Holly Parkinson (USA)

7-Jessica Steck (RSA) vs WC-Jewel Peterson (USA)
Tracey O'Connor (NZL) vs Tanner Cochran (USA)
Feriel Esseghir (ALG) vs CP-Melanie Marois (CAN)
Akiko Kinebuchi (JPN) vs 8-Melissa Torres (MEX)

5-Lindsay Lee-Waters (USA) vs Michelle Faucher (USA)
Q vs WC-Shari Bucklin (USA)
Diana Ospina (USA) vs Kaori Aoyama (JPN)
Lioudmila Skavronskaia (RUS) vs 3-Jacqueline Trail (USA)

6-Maria Fernanda Alves (BRA) vs CP-Michelle Dasso (USA)
WC-Jessica Lehnhoff (USA) vs Yvonne Doyle (IRL)
Courtenay Chapman (USA) vs CP-Katia Afinogenova (RUS)
CP-Joanne Moore (GBR) vs 2-Jessica Fernandez (MEX)

Jun 11th, 2002, 02:53 PM
finally! thanks! :D

good luck:

Jessica Steck
Melanie Marois
Jessica Fernandez :D :D

Jun 11th, 2002, 03:08 PM
Oh I see Jo got a good draw :rolleyes:

Well, good luck Jessie Steck, Yvonne and Jo! :D

Jun 11th, 2002, 03:15 PM
good luck Melissa Torres :)

Jun 11th, 2002, 04:00 PM
Alx before watching the draw..."I hope Jessica do not faces Joanne because she is probably the best unseeded player in all the draw"


Jun 11th, 2002, 04:03 PM
BTW Plz visit my Jessica Official web at http://www.jessica-fernandez.cjb.net ;)

auntie janie
Jun 11th, 2002, 04:04 PM
I wonder why they did not insert the Q names in the draw? The qualifying finished yesterday, didn't it?

At any rate, I feel sorry for all the players. Today & tomorrow the temperature is soaring into the 90's F./ 30's C. with the sun blazing, and it is really humid and sticky as well. But I guess the players based in Florida won't mind!

Rising Sun
Jun 11th, 2002, 04:11 PM
Nope, final qualifying rd is played on Tuesday.

auntie janie
Jun 11th, 2002, 04:19 PM
Oh, thanks, danker. Thanks for posting the draws, too. :) :)

Jun 11th, 2002, 04:28 PM
Doubles Draw

(1)Embry/Lehnoff (USA/USA) vs. Faucher/O'Connor (USA/NZL)
Devidze/Torres (GEO/MEX) vs. Alves/Esseghir (BRA/ALG)
(4)Ionesco/Trail (CAN/USA) vs. Qualifiers
Adyama/Okamoto (JPN/JPN) vs. Uberoi/Uberoi (USA/USA)

Engel/McCain (USA/USA) vs. Doyle/Marois (IRL/CAN)
Qualifiers vs. (3)Cochran/Schlukebir (USA/USA)
Morales/Perry (USA/USA) vs. Baker/Hershfield (USA/USA)
Chapman/Lee-Waters (USA/USA) vs. (2)Soukup/Steck (CAN/RSA)

Qualifying Round
Haynes/Rolles (USA/USA) vs. Dasso/McCoury (USA/USA)
Fernandez/Parkinson (MEX/USA) vs. Lund/Tow (USA/USA)

Jun 11th, 2002, 04:31 PM
good luck to Devidze/Torres and Fernandez/Parkinson :D

Martian KC
Jun 11th, 2002, 07:11 PM
Good luck to:
Nana Miyagi
Kaori Aoyama;)
and Katia!

Jun 11th, 2002, 07:30 PM
Fernandez/Parkinson qualified :D

Jun 12th, 2002, 12:38 AM
Go Nanda Alves :D :D :D

Jun 12th, 2002, 12:46 AM
Vamos Nanda! :D

She won her 1st round match 6-3 6-3
"I played very well today and I kept focused all points" - she said

Good luck Chicas Latinas :bounce:

Jun 12th, 2002, 02:55 AM
Let's go, Kat!!!!!

Jun 12th, 2002, 05:54 AM
Lioudmila is in Tashkent :rolleyes:
so Jackie will play a LL

good luck
Katya ;)
Jo ;)
Jackie :) (hoping she don't get Salome or Bethanie)
Jewel ;)
Kirsten :)

King Aaron
Jun 12th, 2002, 10:07 AM
Good luck Alyssa !!

Jun 12th, 2002, 12:13 PM
Go Nana Miyagi!!!

Jippo McScally
Jun 12th, 2002, 02:21 PM
GO NANA!!!!!

Jun 12th, 2002, 02:58 PM
Qualifying Round:

[1]Salome Devidze GEO def [8]Milangela Morales USA 6-1 6-2
[2]Shennay Perry USA def Kara Molony-Hussey 7-5 6-3
[3]Seiko Okamoto JPN def Asha Rolle USA 6-4 6-0
[7]Bethanie Mattek USA def Angela Haynes USA 6-3 7-6(3)

Dasso/McCoury (USA/USA) def Haynes/Rolle (USA/USA) 4-1 4-5(5) 4-1
Fernandez/Parkinson (MEX/USA) def Lund/Tow (USA/USA) 4-2 4-2 :D

Jun 12th, 2002, 03:06 PM
Updated Singles Draw

(1)Nana Miyagi (JPN) vs. q-Salome Devidze (GEO)
q-Bethanie Mattek (USA) vs. Alyssa Cohen (USA)
Kristen Schlukebir (USA) def. Jennifer Embry (USA) 6-2 6-4
q-Seiko Okamoto (JPN) vs. (7)Holly Parkinson (USA)

WC-Jewel Peterson (USA) def. (7)Jessica Steck (RSA) 7-6(5) 6-2
Tanner Cochran (USA) def. Tracey O'Connor (NZL) 6-2 6-3
CP-Melanie Marois (CAN) def. Feriel Esseghir (ALG) 6-2 6-2
Akiko Kinebuchi (JPN) vs. (8)Melissa Torres (MEX)

(5)Lindsay Lee-Waters (USA) def. Michelle Faucher (USA) 6-0 7-6(1)
q-Shennay Perry (USA) vs. WC-Shari Bucklin (USA)
Diana Ospina (USA) vs. Kaori Aoyama (JPN)
Lioudmila Skavronskaia (RUS) vs. (3)Jacqueline Trail (USA)

(6)Maria Fernanda Alves (BRA) def. CP-Michelle Dasso (USA) 6-3 6-3
WC-Jessica Lehnhoff (USA) vs Yvonne Doyle (IRL)
CP-Katia Afinogenova (RUS) def. Courtenay Chapman (USA) 6-2 6-2
CP-Joanne Moore (GBR) vs (2)Jessica Fernandez (MEX)

Jun 12th, 2002, 03:08 PM
Updated Doubles Draw

(1)Embry/Lehnoff (USA/USA) vs. Faucher/O'Connor (USA/NZL)
Devidze/Torres (GEO/MEX) vs. Alves/Esseghir (BRA/ALG)
(4)Ionesco/Trail (CAN/USA) vs. q-Fernandez/Parkinson (MEX/USA)
Adyama/Okamoto (JPN/JPN) vs. Uberoi/Uberoi (USA/USA)

Engel/McCain (USA/USA) vs. Doyle/Marois (IRL/CAN)
q-Dasso/McCoury (USA/USA) vs. (3)Cochran/Schlukebir (USA/USA)
Morales/Perry (USA/USA) def. Baker/Hershfield (USA/USA) 6-2 6-2
Chapman/Lee-Waters (USA/USA) vs. (2)Soukup/Steck (CAN/RSA)

Jun 12th, 2002, 03:14 PM
Schedule all courts start at 10AM.

Court 3
Diana Ospina vs Kaori oyama
followed by
Seiko Okamoto vs Holly Parkinson
followed by
Nana Miyagi vs Salome Devidze
followed by
Emrby/Lehnoff vs Faucher/O'Connor

feature match 5pm
Joanne Moore vs Jessica Fernandez

Court 1
Jessica Lehnoff vs Yvonne Doyle
followed by
Shenay Perry vs Shari Bucklin
followed by
Bethanie Mattek vs Alyssa Cohen

Court 2
Lioudmila Skavronskaia vs Jacqueline Trail
followed by
Akiko Kinebuchi vs Melissa Torres
followed by
Chapman/Lee-Waters vs Soukup/Steck
followed by
Engel/McCain vs Doyle/Marois

Jun 12th, 2002, 03:16 PM
Congrats Melanie :D

Vamos Meli y Jess!

Jun 12th, 2002, 05:21 PM
Go Melissa!!

auntie janie
Jun 12th, 2002, 09:00 PM
I saw Meli play! She has such a fun game to watch. And yes, she won, 7-5 6-1. And her opponent was good, too, very crafty, but I think she wore her out!
Melissa plays a very aggressive style of game and she makes a funny hissing sound when she hits the ball, it sounds like the air coming out of a balloon. She has great footwork, a great first serve, a nice one-handed backhand, and a great whip forehand, and she is good at the net. She also thanked us for cheering for her, after the match.
Needless to say, I have become a Melissa fan. :D

Sadly, we arrived in time to see Jackie Trail lose in straight sets to her lucky loser opponent, named Brown I think. Poor Jackie. :sad:

Then we saw a set of Salome Devidze vs. top seed Miyagi before the rain came. What a funny girl Salome is! She looks and acts very, very young. You should hear how loud she screams at herself in some language!! She is tall adn strong, though, and she hits the ball so hard, but Miyagi the calm professional knew just how to play her and did not look the least bit concerned about the bombs coming at her. Miyagi took the first set 6-4.

Holly Parkinson also won, but I didn't watch that, because i wanted to sit in the shade by the other court! And I wanted to see Melissa because of her fans here, and I am very glad I did. :D

I must have seen every girl in the event, they were all walking around or practicing, except for Jo, who, a girl told me, was not around because she would play later (5 PM match). Sorry i missed your match, Jo!
Most of the players are pretty tall and all are in great shape. Who was that tall Russian blonde girl? She looks a little like Elena Bovina? Eggy? Anyway I saw everybody but did not know who the heck they were!

Jun 12th, 2002, 09:37 PM
thanks for the report

Congrats to Melanie and Melissa ... too bad they have to face each other in the next round

Jun 12th, 2002, 09:45 PM
Thanks so much for the report! :D

:bounce: Melissa :bounce:

Jun 12th, 2002, 09:46 PM

whats CP?

auntie janie
Jun 12th, 2002, 10:25 PM
That's that Circuit Points thing -- Jo explained it in her post on the Hilton Head thread. Eggy also can explain it.

BTW, the girl I asked about Jo, was Kristina Kraszewski. She was really nice, though she may have wondered what a woman her Mom's age (that would be me:) ) was doing, asking her about the players! I told her about the fans all the players have online, and she said Jo had showed her this site. But she was probably surprised to find that ONE of the fans, at least, is so old! :eek:

Jun 12th, 2002, 10:28 PM
Jackie :( She must have been tired flying over after playing in Europe last week. Hope she'll be rested and ready for next week!

Good luck Jo :)

auntie janie
Jun 12th, 2002, 10:33 PM
I know. Jackie looked a little ragged as she came off the court. I felt bad for her. :(

ptkten, you should drive up! It's VERY close to the Northeast Extension. It's a lot of fun.

Jun 12th, 2002, 11:36 PM
lucky loser named Brown ???

there wasn't one, only Brown i know is Becky Brown and she is one of the "Bagel Girls"

LL were
Angela Haynes
Ahsha Rolle
Kara-Molony Hussey
and Milangra Morales

hopefully Salome pulled it out
at least Katya won her 1st rd 6-3 6-3

Janie ........there was only 1 Russian here and she's Katya and she's not blonde either so :confused:

Janie been in Russian Roulette too often and been brainwashed ;)

auntie janie
Jun 12th, 2002, 11:43 PM
My brother heard that player talking with her coach, and he decided it was Russian they were talking. :)
Now I guess I will never know who the Elena B.- like girl was. She and her coach stopped & talked with Salome Devidze & her Mom/Coach? in that language we couldn't understand.

Now I am flommoxed about that mystery Lucky Loser too! So who was it? Whoever it was, we saw her out jogging not long after her victory -- she must have been pretty excited about that win, lots of adrenaline to use up. :)

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Jun 13th, 2002, 12:55 AM
At first I was thinking it might be Becky Brown.....because maybe all of the other qualifying entrants left and she was the only one ;)

But now, I saw she wasn't in qualifying so it wasn't her. Thank GOD, otherwise.....poor Jackie! :eek:

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Jun 13th, 2002, 12:55 AM
By the way....thanks so much Janie! Keep the great reports coming! :)

Jun 13th, 2002, 01:14 AM
Janie, I wish I could go up but I have class this week, and since Jackie lost it took a lot out of the tournament for me :( next year I'm definitely going to go though, I really need to go because it's the only tournament close by after Advanta stopped :(

Rising Sun
Jun 13th, 2002, 05:40 AM
Janie, any idea if Kaori Aoyama won her match or not? She was first up on Court 3. :confused:

Not surprised Nana was very professional in her match. She loves to analyse her opponents game. :cool:

Jun 13th, 2002, 07:56 AM
well done Melissa :)

auntie janie
Jun 13th, 2002, 12:32 PM
Danker, no, it's terrible of me, but I was so enthralled with Court 6 action I missed everything else completely! I only know Holly won because I heard someone mention it.

ptkten, good, I hope you can go next year. I was also mad the WTA took the Villanova event away. :(

MelissaTorresFan, do you know Melissa? I heard the people with her call her Meli like you do. She was with a good-looking young man and a girl her age, they spoke Spanish.

Jun 13th, 2002, 01:31 PM
Scott knows Melissa's coach ;) they talked once lol she is very popular in Mexico the most popular tennis player (woman) and by far the favorite for the federation.

Go Meli!!!

Jun 13th, 2002, 01:38 PM
Yes I talked to her coach ;)

Vamos Meli :D

why aren't you on MSN alejandro? :sad:

Jun 13th, 2002, 02:26 PM
how is schulbekir playing here?!

Schlubekir is also playing doubles in birmingham in 1 matches time!!

Is it a different K Schulbekir?


auntie janie
Jun 13th, 2002, 02:35 PM

auntie janie
Jun 13th, 2002, 02:37 PM
MelissaTorresFan, is the man I saw her coach? He seemed to be going over some things with her after the match.

Jun 13th, 2002, 02:43 PM
Probably I don't think she travels with a ton of people. Maybe the girl was Jessica Fernandez?

Jun 13th, 2002, 03:43 PM
Originally posted by paul_masterton
how is schulbekir playing here?!

Schlubekir is also playing doubles in birmingham in 1 matches time!!

Is it a different K Schulbekir?


There's two sisters... Kristen and Katie (I think the second one is Katie)...I'd say the one here would be Katie! (if it's her name). ;)

Jun 13th, 2002, 04:12 PM
Updated Singles Draw

(1)Nana Miyagi (JPN) def. q-Salome Devidze (GEO) 6-4 6-4
Alyssa Cohen (USA) leads. q-Bethanie Mattek (USA) 4-6 6-3 6-5
Kristen Schlukebir (USA) def. Jennifer Embry (USA) 6-2 6-4
(7)Holly Parkinson (USA) def. q-Seiko Okamoto (JPN) 6-1 0-6 6-2

WC-Jewel Peterson (USA) def. (7)Jessica Steck (RSA) 7-6(5) 6-2
Tanner Cochran (USA) def. Tracey O'Connor (NZL) 6-2 6-3
CP-Melanie Marois (CAN) def. Feriel Esseghir (ALG) 6-2 6-2
(8)Melissa Torres (MEX) def. Akiko Kinebuchi (JPN) 7-5 6-1

(5)Lindsay Lee-Waters (USA) def. Michelle Faucher (USA) 6-0 7-6(1)
q-Shennay Perry (USA) def. WC-Shari Bucklin (USA) 6-0 6-1
Diana Ospina (USA) def. Kaori Aoyama (JPN) 6-1 6-2
LL Milangela Morales (USA) def. (3)Jacqueline Trail (USA) 6-4 6-4

(6)Maria Fernanda Alves (BRA) def. CP-Michelle Dasso (USA) 6-3 6-3
WC-Jessica Lehnhoff (USA) def. Yvonne Doyle (IRL) 3-6 6-1 6-1
CP-Katia Afinogenova (RUS) def. Courtenay Chapman (USA) 6-2 6-2
CP-Joanne Moore (GBR) leads. (2)Jessica Fernandez (MEX) 4-3 deuce

Jun 13th, 2002, 04:25 PM
Kristen is the one her and Katie (the oldest is in Birmingham playing doubles)

auntie janie
Jun 13th, 2002, 04:31 PM
Thanks fort the scores, Alx. I don't know how I got "Brown" out of "Morales"; I guess the umpire was mumbling! ;)

Yeah, maybe that was Jessica who was cheering Meli on with the black-haired guy. But a 2nd girl stopped by briefly to speak with them & I thought maybe that one was Jessica; she was taller than the cheering girl.

Rising Sun
Jun 13th, 2002, 04:57 PM
Nana :)

Seiko and Akiko :sad:

Kaori :eek:
How could you lose like that?! :(

Jun 13th, 2002, 05:12 PM
Joanne Moore (GBR) def. (2)Jessica Fernandez (MEX) 6-3 7-6 :sad:

but congrats Joanne ;)

Jun 13th, 2002, 05:14 PM
:sad: Jessica's horrible season continues :sad: wd Jo

auntie janie
Jun 13th, 2002, 05:29 PM
Wow, Congrats to Jo! She is making the most of her CP main-draw entry here, beating the #2 seed. :)

I do feel bad for Jessica, though. And yes, I have visited her web site. :)

Jun 13th, 2002, 06:06 PM
well done jo.

Jess fans, remeber Jo was top 300 beforeher injury, and could ahev been top 250 by end of year. So its not as if she lost to a no-hoper. jo is very much the opposite, and it wont be long before shes back up where she belongs!!!

Paul :D

auntie janie
Jun 13th, 2002, 06:13 PM
some info on Kristen Schlukebir from yesterday's Allentown newspaper:

At 17, Schlukebir is another relative youngster on the pro tour. She plans to keep her amateur status and tour the pro circuits this year before deciding between full-ride tennis scholarships at Duke, University of Florida or Stanford.

Jun 13th, 2002, 06:26 PM
Originally posted by paul_masterton
well done jo.

Jess fans, remeber Jo was top 300 beforeher injury, and could ahev been top 250 by end of year. So its not as if she lost to a no-hoper. jo is very much the opposite, and it wont be long before shes back up where she belongs!!!

Paul :D

We know, we never said it was a loss to a bad player :p but still is a loss and for conffidence is bad. She has had so horrible draws this year, and the only time she got a good one she had to play 3 matches in a day lol :sad:

Jun 13th, 2002, 06:27 PM
oh and btw, Jo will be in the final now ;)

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Jun 13th, 2002, 06:40 PM

Well done Jo! :)

Jun 13th, 2002, 08:48 PM
well done Jo ;)
good on ya girl :)

Salome :sad: she got a bad draw :(

Jo vs Katya again :eek:

Jun 13th, 2002, 09:45 PM
Lets hope Katya DOESNT get revenge :p

Paul :D

Jun 14th, 2002, 12:26 AM
I just found out that Bethanie Mattek won the rain delayed match with Alyssa Cohen and then went on to win against the no. 1 seed 6-3,6-3.

Jun 14th, 2002, 02:13 AM
Great job Bethanie and Jo :)

Good luck in the 2nd round Jo and in the quarters for Bethanie!

Jun 14th, 2002, 05:08 AM
Does anyone know Torres vs. Marois?

Vamos Meli! :D

Jun 14th, 2002, 05:47 AM
Katya did win in 3 sets, Jo was tired.

Bad luck Jo :sad: but glad for Katya :)

go Katya go ;)

King Aaron
Jun 14th, 2002, 09:29 AM
Alyssa :sad: :sad:

Jun 14th, 2002, 10:52 AM
Let's go, Kat!

Give us a report, Jo! Thanks for taking Kat to 3! She needs that!

Jun 14th, 2002, 11:24 AM
Jo :sad:

but well done on a great win against Jess.

Paul :D

auntie janie
Jun 14th, 2002, 11:54 AM
Bethanie! :)
Jo. :sad:
Melissa? :confused:

It may be a rainy day again today, I hope they get all the matches in.

Jun 14th, 2002, 01:17 PM
Guys, a quick update before I hit the runway. The guy with Melissa is her coach and the other girl is her sister, that is here to keep her company this week. My match with Katia was very good, I played a little up and down but she did play amazingly well. She should beat Lehnoff but its raining here and if it goes indorrs, that may be difficult for Katia? Thanks for all the support this week and in the past month you guys, it is nice to know people out there are intersted in satallites and supporting all of us. My next tournament will be Los Gatos in 2 weeks, which I hope I will get into. I think my new ranking will be about 540, so I am getting back up there and I have yet to use one tournament using my Special Ranking, so things are looking good and I am already excited for the rest of the year.
I am going home to rest for a couple of days, see my beautiful nephew who, I am sure has changed so much and will not recognize me! :(, go to the beach and relax!
Will keep checking on and talk to you guys in a couple of weeks.

auntie janie
Jun 14th, 2002, 01:42 PM
Thanks so much for reporting in, Jo! Enjoy your well-deserved time off!
And I think your nephew WILL recongnize you. :)

Jun 14th, 2002, 03:36 PM
Still no Meli news? :(

Jun 14th, 2002, 04:59 PM

q-Bethanie Mattek (USA) def. Alyssa Cohen (USA) 6-4 3-6 7-6(3)

CP Joanne Moore (GBR) def. [2]Jessica Fernandez (MEX) 6-3 7-6(1)


Mattek def. Miyagi 6-3 6-3

Parkinson def. Schlukebir 6-4 7-6(7)

Cohran def. Peterson 7-6(2) 6-4

Torres def. Marois 6-1 6-3

Lee-Waters def. Perry 6-3 7-6(4)

Morales def. Ospina 7-6(3) 7-5

Lehnoff def. Alves 1-6 6-2 6-4

Afinogenova def. Moore 6-3 5-7 6-2

Jun 14th, 2002, 05:06 PM
The only player I like who is left is Melissa ... good luck to her.

Jun 14th, 2002, 05:07 PM
Doubles Results R1

(1)Embry/Lehnoff (USA/USA) def. Faucher/O'Connor (USA/NZL) 6-4 6-3
Devidze/Torres (GEO/MEX) def. Alves/Esseghir (BRA/ALG) 6-2 2-6 6-4
(4)Ionesco/Trail (CAN/USA) def. q-Fernandez/Parkinson (MEX/USA) 6-4 6-2
Adyama/Okamoto (JPN/JPN) def. Uberoi/Uberoi (USA/USA) 6-3 3-6 6-0

Doyle/Marois (IRL/CAN) def. Engel/McCain (USA/USA) 6-4 6-3
(3)Cochran/Schlukebir (USA/USA) def. q-Dasso/McCoury (USA/USA) 6-2 6-2
Morales/Perry (USA/USA) def. Baker/Hershfield (USA/USA) 6-2 6-2
(2)Soukup/Steck (CAN/RSA) def. Chapman/Lee-Waters (USA/USA) 6-1 7-6(5)

Jun 14th, 2002, 05:08 PM
Jess :sad: :sad: :sad:

Jun 14th, 2002, 05:10 PM
btw is unsure if mattek or miyagi won because in the usta sheet has in bold mattek's name even though only the seeded players should be on bold.

Jun 14th, 2002, 06:12 PM
well done Melissa,keep going :) .

auntie janie
Jun 14th, 2002, 06:16 PM
Just found these coulmns from the past few days, about Parkinson, Morales, and Jessica Fernandez:


Jun 14th, 2002, 06:27 PM
:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: @ Alves :mad: :fiery: :( :sad: :rolleyes:

Jun 14th, 2002, 06:56 PM
thanks for the link Janie! :D:D:D :kiss:

Jun 14th, 2002, 07:07 PM
:bounce: Melissa :bounce:

Win the singles and doubles! :D

Jun 14th, 2002, 07:13 PM
Mattek definitely won against the top seed ALX. It was 6-3 6-3.

Jun 14th, 2002, 07:21 PM
Parkinson def. Mattek 7-5 6-0

Cochran def. Torres 6-0 6-2 :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: Melissa :confused:

Lee-Waters def. Morales 6-4 6-3

Lehnoff def. Afinogenova 7-6 6-3

Jun 14th, 2002, 07:22 PM
Holly :D

Meli :sad:

Jessica :D

Jun 14th, 2002, 07:55 PM
Great win JO:D

Sorry you lost good luck in the next tourny:D

Jun 14th, 2002, 08:15 PM
Thanks for the link Janie! I didn't realize this was Parkinson's last tournament! I thought she was retiring at the US Open for some reason. She was one of my favs too:sad:

Morales beat Coetzer in an exhibition:eek: I'm not sure who that speaks more of. Does this mean Morales plays well enough to crack the top 20, or Coetzer has been playing so badly that she can lose at the 25K level?

Jun 14th, 2002, 08:29 PM
what a terrible tournament for me :sad:

auntie janie
Jun 14th, 2002, 08:46 PM
Hmmm -- don't think I will go to the semifinals after all.
No Jo,
no Salome,
no Meli,
no Katya!

I am glad I went the day I did, because I found a new player to root for (Melissa); and I got to see Salome, who I was already rooting for, due to her country, but who I wil root for even more now, due to her screaming. :)

I hope Jackie can win the doubles. :)

Jun 14th, 2002, 09:54 PM
Salome :( :sad:

Jun 14th, 2002, 10:47 PM
Katya :sad: :(
Bethanie :sad:

Lindsay :)
Tanner :)

hope Jessica or Lindsay can win this now

auntie janie
Jun 15th, 2002, 01:10 AM
I guess I will root for Tanner to win it, or Lindsay.

But I want Jackie to win the doubles, or else Hissing Melissa/Screaming Salome, a fave combo-pack for me,who should provide some real entertaining sound effects together! :) :)

Jun 15th, 2002, 01:22 AM
I really hope Meli/Sal can win the doubles. Meli needs some confidence boosting :(

Karin Palme is the Mexican who is playing the best right now :o

Jun 15th, 2002, 05:18 AM
TBE...what do you think of Matteks game? thats assuming you have seen her play

Jun 15th, 2002, 07:49 AM
Bethanie, i'd give her more of a shot of making it than Ashley, she hits bigger, both are same age (Bethanie is 5 weeks older)

Ashley is better on clay and clay alone can take you into top 30(Montolio), but overall Bethanie can do more damage on both.
her loss against Holly was really disappointing

Jun 15th, 2002, 08:38 AM
Melissa :( :sad:

King Aaron
Jun 15th, 2002, 10:14 AM
Diana Ospina lost :sad:

King Aaron
Jun 15th, 2002, 10:15 AM
Oh.. anybody know Ospina's game ??
Any bio or something ??

auntie janie
Jun 15th, 2002, 01:50 PM
From From The Morning Call

A mighty rally lifts Parkinson to quarterfinal victory

From Call staff reports -- June 15, 2002

Holly Parkinson rallied from a big deficit to defeat Bethanie Mattek in the quarterfinals of the MECCO Commercial Lending Cup at Westend Racquet Club on Friday.

Parkinson, the seventh seed, trailed 5-1 but won the next 13 games to eliminate Mattek 7-5, 6-0. Parkinson will meet Tanner Cochran in the semifinals of the USTA Satellite $25,000 women's tennis tournament, which continues today at Westend. Cochran defeated eighth-seeded Melissa Torres 6-0, 6-2 in another quarterfinal match.

Jessica Lehnhoff, an NCAA runner-up from the University of Florida, advanced to the semis with a 7-6 (4), 6-3 victory over 15-year-old Katia Afinogenova of Russia. Lehnhoff, a USTA wild-card entry, will meet fifth-seeded Lindsay Lee-Waters, who defeated Milangela Morales.

Morales fared better in doubles action. She and partner Shenay Perry upset second-seeded Aneta Soukup and Jessica Steck on Friday. Perry and Soukup meet Cochran and Kristen Schlukebir in today's semifinals.

The top-seeded team of Jennifer Embry and Jessica Lehnhoff defeated Salome Devidze and Melissa Torres in straight sets, while Kaori Aoyama and Seiko Okamoto of Japan also advanced.

Aoyama traveled from Japan and plans to play four tournaments in North America before returning to Tokyo. She is trying to raise her ranking to qualify in the U.S. Open.

Rain forced the MECCO Commercial Lending Cup indoors at Westend on Friday.

The event continues at 10 a.m. today, regardless of weather. It concludes Sunday.

auntie janie
Jun 15th, 2002, 01:54 PM
Another good column, this one mostly about Jessica Lehnhoff, but also about Katya and the match they played, from the Allentown paper online:


Now I'm a Lehnhoff fan, too! :D

Jun 15th, 2002, 03:46 PM
pf I hate this tournament :mad: :sad:

auntie janie
Jun 16th, 2002, 03:46 PM
I phoned and was at least able to find out who made it to today's singles final: Tanner Cochran and Lindsay Lee-Waters. :) :)

Jun 16th, 2002, 07:34 PM
It will be interesting to see how Jessica Lehnhoff fares here! Best of luck to her! :)

auntie janie
Jun 16th, 2002, 09:33 PM
Congrats to Tanner Cochran, Allentown champion! :D

Congrats also to Jennifer Embry and Jessica Lehnhoff, Doubles champions. :) :) (Don't ask me who they beat in the final; I was lucky to get this much info!)

Brunof, Jessica did well, as you see, she is doubles champion; plus she made it to the semis in the Singles. :)

Jun 16th, 2002, 09:39 PM
well done Tanner :)

Jun 17th, 2002, 03:18 AM
way to go tanner...I waited all day to hear the news...glad it was good news

Tanner...on my fave list ever since I saw her play Kaia at 2001 US Open

auntie janie
Jun 17th, 2002, 03:09 PM
From The Morning Call

A long day proves fulfilling for Cochran
The 17-year-old wins singles title at the MECCO Cup.

By Joe Abel

June 17, 2002
It was a draining day of tennis for Tanner Cochran.

First the 17-year-old amateur beat Lindsay Lee-Waters 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 for the MECCO Commercial Lending Cup singles title at Westend Racquet Club in Allentown.

Cochran had just under an hour to recuperate from her victory, spending it by eating a banana and changing her drenched shirt. Then she took the court again to join doubles partner Kristen Schlukebir for another grueling, three-set match.

Jennifer Embry and Jessica Lehnhoff ended Cochran's hope for a sweep, winning the doubles title 6-4, 6-7 (4), 7-6 (4).

''In the singles, in the third set, I was getting a little winded because was running me,'' Cochran said. '' I felt good, but my legs are pretty tired right now.

''I'll be happy to take a few days off.''

Cochran's strategy in the singles final was to play conservative and let Lee-Waters make the errors.

Cochran's patience and adherence to the pre-match game plan allowed her to take home the first singles title of her young career.

''I know she was going to hit big shots, and I was ready to scrap,'' Cochran said. ''I just tried to make her play as many shots as she could and hope that she would miss.''

Lee-Waters and Cochran both train outside Atlanta and have practiced and played each other before.

Lee-Waters said the familiarity she and Cochran share made for a close match. She also knew that, had she cut down on the unforced errors, the title could have been hers.

''We definitely know each other's style pretty well because we practice two or three times a week,'' Lee-Waters said. ''It was just a matter of executing it better. I definitely had chances. I didn't play great but I had chances. It's a little disappointing that I didn't execute when the time came.''

The level consistency that Lee-Waters hopes to attain was present four years ago, when she was ranked as high as 33rd in the world. However, Lee-Waters decided that motherhood was more important than tennis at the time. After giving up the game for a year to have a baby, Lee-Waters is in the midst of a comeback that began in January.

A loss in the MECCO final is a bump in the road, but something Lee-Waters can learn from.

'' definitely motivates you to work even harder,'' Lee-Waters said. ''When you get in that situation, you're not going to let it happen again. I'm pretty confident that I don't think I'll let that ever happen again.''

The doubles match also was close well into the third set. Lehnhoff and Embry were up 3-0 in the third, when Cochran and Schlukebir turned their games up a notch and rallied to go ahead, 5-4.

They needed to break Lehnhoff and Embry's serve but could not, and the match had to be decided in a tie-breaker which Lehnhoff and Embry won.

Lehnhoff, who on Saturday squandered three match points in her singles semifinal match with Lee-Waters, said that winning the doubles title was still a feat to be proud of.

''I look at this tournament like, At least I accomplished something,''' Lehnhoff said. ''It gives you confidence going to the next tournament.

''Losing the singles, yeah, it was disappointing. But you have to go on. I have a lot more matches coming up and I just have to focus on those.''

Many of the women playing at the MECCO Cup this week have the U.S. Open as their ultimate goal.

Players have to play in lower-level events like these to to earn points and better their ranking. For example, Cochran was ranked No. 413 in the world entering the tournament A few good showings at events such as this one, however, and she could move up considerably.

''My goal is to try to get a wild card or get into U.S. Open qualifying somehow,'' Cochran said. '' gives me confidence, and I got more points so my ranking will move up. It'll get me into other, bigger tournaments, and then maybe I can do well there.''

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Jun 25th, 2002, 06:01 PM
Okay, so maybe I am a "bit" late on a reply, but I'm happy with the result. Yes Janie, Jess did do well. I didn't know much about this child shocker, but she sure did well here. Hopefully she continues to play more challengers and hopefully we will see her in some WTA events soon! (Along with all of these girls)