View Full Version : Porsche from Filderstadt to Stuttgart

Etienne Stekelenburg
Oct 5th, 2006, 08:46 AM
(Stuttgart) After 28 years, the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix has matured into a tournament that has all the facilities of a modern day WTA event. Taking the tournament from the town of Filderstadt, just outside of Stuttgart, and bringing it into a brand-new stadium in the city, is only one of the changes to the tournament. The smell of the cabbage fields and the chirps of field birds when driving into Filderstadt, have changed to the smell of exhaust fumes and the sound of traffic, going to the new Porsche Arena. Other than that, the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix has become modern, bigger, and most of all better.

You can read the whole story at http://www.teamwta.com/content/view/597/2/