View Full Version : Any ideas for the name of this forum?

Jun 4th, 2002, 11:20 AM
I'll change it if you agree on something. :)

Williams Rulez
Jun 5th, 2002, 04:40 AM
Ok.... *thinking in a corner intensely*... ;)

Jun 5th, 2002, 04:46 AM
Olympus home of the Goddess Venus

nah that one sucks...

Jun 5th, 2002, 09:29 PM
How about: Venus's Garden, The Venus Williams Palace, Venus's Starr Place.

They are just a few suggestions :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Jun 10th, 2002, 12:54 AM
Terri suggested Planet Venus in another thread, that's good too :)

The name doesn't matter, it'll be good whatever it is, it's the goddess we're talking about! ;)

Jun 10th, 2002, 01:00 PM
Venus Rising sounds nice, though it's been in countless headlines over the past few years...

Williams Rulez
Jun 10th, 2002, 02:30 PM
How about

Venus the 'Starr'

Dawn Marie
Jun 12th, 2002, 08:43 AM
How about? "Lady Venus our Goddess of tennis"? or Venus Williams, the princess of the WTA tour cheering thread? Or what about The Queen(VEE), you know in refernece to the Queen Bee? LOL!! Oh one more.. lol "Venus Williams our goddess of beauty and tennis".

This is my first time in this thread.. I like it!! GO VENUS!!!:)

Jun 13th, 2002, 09:33 PM
I know Venus Rising has been done a lot, but I still like it.

unfortunately I am not witty enough to come up with anything original...

Dawn Marie
Jun 14th, 2002, 10:18 PM
I like Venus Rising the best... as well. It's short and sweet.:)