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Jun 4th, 2002, 09:06 AM
According to Kim's dad and her coach Carl, Kim has been dizzy, was digging in her energy reserves, couldn't even stay on court to practise the day before her last RG match, came back after two minutes instead of half an hour, "fell asleep where she sat down" (literally quoted from her dad), was feeling physically empty, no energy left, had headache too, troubled a bit by shoulder and ankle according to Carl, and some small troubles everywhere. To round it up: no surprise that she lost, said her dad. He saw it coming. This was pretty much all the physical trouble she was facing, according to my info.

I am still working on a compiliation of the latest interesting Belgian articles re Kim, and will post it in this thread too.

Jun 4th, 2002, 10:44 AM
I knew something was wrong, that was not the normal Kimmy out there:sad:
I hope she is healty again in wimbledon:)

Jun 4th, 2002, 03:12 PM
This is really sad :sad: I hope Kimmie takes lots of rest and find out what is wrong and get it sorted... shes so young but getting all these problems already :sad:

Get Well Kim!! :) :)

Jun 5th, 2002, 12:19 PM
(COMPILATION of Belgian articles, summarized and translated)

Note: most of the comments of Kim's dad focused on her health, while coach Carl brings a broader perspective.

Kim puts loss in perspective
‘There are things worse than that’

Being down to earth is a quality that Kim doesn’t lack. She seemed to be getting over her biggest disappointment already one hour after her defeat. Although it must have hurt a lot. Right after the defeat she went off to the locker room, without greeting the crowd.
However, people assuming that Kim would look devastated at the press conference, were proven wrong. She could already smile and was straightforward. ‘Can I now go to watch the match of Lleyton?’

Kim: ’I am disappointed, of course. But what happened, happened. I can’t change the facts. And losing is part of tennis. Not that I like it, but there comes a moment one day that you will have to bow. It was my turn today.’
‘I saw it coming. I felt tired, heavy and stiff. Probably a consequence of these long first two matches. I was tired. It is not illogical that you don’t play your best tennis in such circumstances. And Clarissa Fernandez has excellently defended herself. Last year I played the final, but in fact I consider for me that clay suits me worst. The harder and faster the surface, the better for me.
I know that people in Belgium had declared Justine and me to be the favourites for a place in the final, but it’s not like you are four or five in the rankings that you automatically will win. Tennis is not like that. One who makes a tragedy out of this, is wrong. There are worse things in life than losing a tennis match in the third round of a Grand Slam.’

‘Good thing’
Kims’ dad: ‘What am I thinking about Kim’s loss? Well, it is no disaster at all. On the contrary. Maybe even a good thing.’
Leo Clijsters is known as a down-to-earth-guy, however this statement caused frowned eyebrows with many.

‘I mean what I am saying. It was obvious, though, that she was exhausted. She was digging in her reserves, and that is not good. And she couldn’t get far in that condition anyway. I saw it already coming the past couple of days. She wasn’t fresh. She has a bit of trouble everywhere: the ankle, the shoulder, and she is physically tired. After a match she went straight to the hotel. She fell asleep where she sat down. Yesterday she wanted to practise for half an hour and came back to the locker room after two minutes. Felt dizzy. No energy.
Kim urgently needs rest. She is going to take it now. Four or five days. Then she can prepare herself for Wimbledon.’
Leo about the high expectations in Belgium: ‘ The girls have excelled themselves here last year. The played the semi final and the final. Now they would automatically reach the final again. All a bit too premature. I am glad that the world cup (soccer) starts.’

Coach Carl Maes remained stoical too: ‘ Everyone is entitled to a loss. You have been able to note down Kim’s today.’
Maes admits that Kim wasn’t one hundred percent okay. ‘Everyone who saw the previous matches, can make his conclusions. Kim had to fight to get into the third round. Today she made too many errors to be able to successfully go through to the next round. She dominated the rallies, but she failed to finish them.’
Maes had to admit that Fernandez had countered Kim perfectly. ‘The Argentinian never lost focus against Kim. She even played quite at a good level in the second set. When Kim couldn’t get control over her, she became nervous. On clay, you have to be patient to win. Kim lacked that today. But alright, this is not the end. She will have forgotten this defeat by tomorrow and will already look forward to the next match. It’s like a bad day at the office.’
Maes continues: ‘And that can happen to everyone. With 70 matches a year, you can’t expect that all of these will be equally good. It is true that Kim wasn’t quite okay. She had a headache on Thursday, and had some little complaints. But that’s not the reason why she lost, just like that pressure wasn’t a major reason either. She has shown in the past that she really can cope with pressure. However, all these little things will have played their role in the end.’

sources: La Libre, Le Soir, De Standaard, Het Belang van Limburg, De Morgen

Jun 5th, 2002, 12:28 PM
3 questions to Carl Maes


How do you explain this off-day?

‘These things happen. I was rather confident at the beginning. She imposed her rhythm. But bit by bit, she became more inconsistent and fell apart. After the loss of the first set, she was too eager to finish the points. She didn’t built the points, and squandered many opportunities at the baseline. And Fernandez has taken advantage of it.
The stats are there to confirm it. Kim has made a stupefying 59 errors versus 22 of Fernandez. And in the second set, she only made 15 winners, 5 of them on match balls.’

Was she at 100%, physically?

‘For sure not yet. But that doesn’t explain everything and isn’t the main reason why she lost. That’s the sort of accident that can happen in a career. Kim is still very young. She needs to learn to better master her matches, above all on clay, a surface on which tactics are very important.’

Have we put expectations too high?

‘A season is very long. One time one wins, the next day one loses. That’s the rule of the game. Everyone talked about a Henin-Clijsters final. That was a bit premature…’ (source: La Libre)

Kim’s explanation

‘I felt tired and my body seemed to feel heavy. At the beginning, I had the feeling that I was in control of the match, I was rather at ease on court, but I never could easily finish off the points. Then my level dropped. I couldn’t anticipate. I have made many unforced errors. Then I was a bit confused by some of her balls. I was too impatient to win the point. I believe that she has played an excellent match, especially in the second set. She moves well on court and breaks up your rhythm in an intelligent way, like the real clay players do. Ana above all she is left-handed. That’s always destabilising. She was better than me, that’s all. I don’t have a real explanation. I did prepare well for this tournament. Better than last year. And nevertheless, well, look at me, I am already out. That’s sport. That’s tennis… I wasn’t really recovered from my two previous matches and felt a bit stiff the last couple of days. I always have the impression a bit that I am stiff at my shoulder after a match, but it hasn’t really hampered me.’ (source: La Libre)

Preparation in Rosmalen

Just like last year Kim Clijsters will prepare Wimbledon in the Netherlands. She will play Rosmalen. She reached the final last year and was beaten by Justine Henin there. At the end of the week she will travel with Lleyton Hewitt to Queens to get used to the grass courts, after a stop in Limburg. (source: La Libre, De Standaard)

Jun 5th, 2002, 01:15 PM
Thankz for the articles Ingrid :D

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thanks for the articles :)

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thanx Ingrid :kiss:

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ThanX, interesting material :)