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Aug 12th, 2006, 02:17 AM
I'll be posting reports from Montréal every day. :) I'm even going to bring a pad of paper to take notes, in case I forget my observations :lol: I'm going on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, and possibly Thursday if I'm not too tired by then. They're long days, from 11 to 10.

I'm going to tempt my dad into lending me his digital camera so I can take pictures of all the different players... =)

I can't wait to see the likes of Ai, Martina, Elena, Maria, Daniela, and so forth. I've been waiting for this since the Australian Open!!

(Hopefully... I'll even get to see Ai and Daniela play doubles together... and win!!)

EDIT: I'll try to have match reports, but I don't have tickets to Center Court. I get Court #1 and the grounds, though. ^^

Aug 12th, 2006, 02:58 AM
I'll have tickets for Center court but no ocmputer access lol. Hopefully you'll meet us Matt!

Aug 12th, 2006, 03:05 AM
Thanks guys! Cant wait to read the reports

Aug 12th, 2006, 06:44 PM
if someone can take some pictures of Dushevina it will be nice

Aug 13th, 2006, 03:46 AM
Matt (or someone else)

can you please watch some of the Li v Pelletier match and give us a report? Thanks

Aug 15th, 2006, 01:19 AM
As Li vs Pelletier will be on Center Court, I won't be able to do much. My mother has tickets to Center Court tomorrow, though, so I can ask her!

I took notes all day, should I forget any details. I took over 100 pictures (I think most of them are good, too. I deleted bad pics on the spot) but I won't get to those. I'm exhausted.

After doing the boutiques, I went to the practice courts immediately. I saw a crowd of people around Court 8, so I figured Sharapova had magically appeared out of nowhere. But no, it was Hingis! It was a pleasure to see her warm up, all the while trying to channel my photographer genes. Afterwards, when she had to give up her court to Vaidisova and Peng, she practiced with Maria Kirilenko, and that was a pleasure to watch. Maria was cute as a button, this coming from a gay guy!

I went to see Vaidisova and Peng go to the court, and Vaidisova didn't even look into the eyes of any of the fans waiting for her. Peng did, and signed balls for people who recognized her. She looks like a little princess, she does! When Martina left the court, I simply wasn't aggressive enough to get her autograph. I was disappointed, but I had a positive outlook.

I saw the end of the first set to the Final round of Doubles qualifying, Chakvetadze/Vesnina vs. Schruff/Foretz. Quick comments on these four: Vesnina comes up with aces on break points, so she really doesn't pay attention to the points, which is great; Chakvetadze looks as if she's going to cry after each point she loses; Schruff is great at the net, and knows when to intercept; Foretz has the cutest coach (why didn't I take a picture of that!!!)

Molik was practicing with Safina over on another court. Molik surprised me by how tall she was and how square she was. Safina surprised me for similar reasons. Near them, Clijsters and Kuznetsova practiced, but there were too many people to bother watching them. I then went to watch the end of Medina Garrigues vs. Granville, from 2-2 in the last set or something. No real comments on these two, I didn't really have time to digest their style. I went to see the end of the doubles qualifying, which calmed me down (for some weird reason). It almost seems as if Vesnina is a leader-style person, because she calms Chakvetadze down.

Over on a practice court, Wozniak was practicing with Mirza. Drew a huge crowd, kind of surprisingly. "Saeki" from Japan was practicing too, and she was cute! I couldn't find her in the draw, and the name doesn't ring a bell, though. Qualifier?

I saw the Bondarenko sisters practicing, and I'm not sure which one this was, but she looked pissed off, and was practically yelling at her sister (in Ukranian). She gave me an evil eye when I was taking pictures. She was wearing red shorts [for reference when I post pictures]. Na Li was stretching there, so I went over, shaking like a leaf, to ask for her autograph. She didn't say anything but signed, but didn't press hard enough on the felt marker, so it's kinda like the shade of an autograph, but I was SO happy anyways. :) Does she speak English? I'm curious. She was smiling at kids that were passing and singing a camp song. I watched some time during that day, and was absolutely amazed at how she hit. She really impressed me.

I went to see Shuai Peng, once again, practicing on another court. She was just serving, and I found it rather... boring. >_> So I moved on to a match court. Peer vs. Lepenchko: I saw the second set, where Peer was constantly coming back from behind in games to win them. She's very much like Vesnina in this respect. However, Lepenchko was really good, and played a lot of really smart points, and did give Shahar a lot of trouble. A bright future for Varvara, I forsee!!

I had trouble passing between the court where Nadia Petrova & Navratilova were playing and the court where Hingis was playing. Genius me took one picture here, and it was of Navratilova. I don't care if she's one of the greatest players of all time, she looked like a man. I'm not kidding. I gave her one look and thought she was a random hitting partner of Petrova's. Petrova was really tall, I was really surprised. Navratilova smashed at me. -_- Nadia laughed, and I just gave the ball back. It was a weak smash... hehe.

I waited a half hour behind Hingis's court to get an autograph. You escaped me once, but not twice! A bunch of people piled in when she was leaving, and I was right by her cart. If I didn't get it, I would've been pissed. About thirty people in a few square feet... hurts. After she signed it (<3) I couldn't get out, because people were climbing on my back to get her autograph. I nearly died for it, but I'm glad!

I was shocked - literally, my jaw DROPPED - when I spotted Ai Sugiyama hitting balls on a court. I did not expect to see her until Tuesday, and had to give her a double look to make sure it was truly her. I sat down, and watched her - I was alone watching her, imagine that! - and smiled from ear to ear. It was fantastic. She was speaking Japanese with her mother and two men (?) so I couldn't understand what they were talking about, but they were laughing, so she must have been funny :p You guys have no idea how it felt to be so close to a person I look up to so much... Or maybe you do. =)

I went to see my mom, who was watching Morariu/Dulko play, and she spotted (thank God, because I would have been angry!) Li/Sun vs. Molik/Voskoboeva playing on another court. We ran over there, and watched them play. Sun was the CUTEST thing, ever! Li was... well, unique. I left the match temporarily to go back and see Sugiyama some more. I watched her for a half-hour non-stop, and got her autograph. I wanted to tell her how much I looked up to her, but I couldn't find the words, I was so nervous.

I was so happy, though. I returned to the doubles match, and it was nearly over! I was happy with the result, though. Li and Sun played fabulous today, and really deserved the win. From what I saw anyways. I was right by Sun, and really wanted her autograph, but I gave her the wrong pen! But she was nice enough to wait for me to get the right pen. But I made her sign the top of my book, and it erased! I WAS SO MAD when I saw it. I hope I get to see her play again, and get to ask her... again? Haha! I then saw my sister and her friends, who said I was a freak for taking so many pictures!

I saw Mirza after her loss, but she didn't even look phased. I almost thought she had won. I saw Golovin, but I didn't think it was her - her English was perfect. She signed my book, and I forgot to wish her good luck... See what that gave!! She was a funny person to watch.

Maria Kirilenko practicing again, and she was hitting balls, and her coach (?) was telling her not to hit a certain way, so she hit the basket of balls and they fell. The crowd laughed (and there was quite a crowd!) and so did I. Afterwards, he said something like "You're not doing what I asked you to do..." or something (he was provoking her) and she shot the ball into the basket, and it fell without dropping balls. The crowd laughed again as she said , "I was aiming to put it in the basket!"

It started to rain, so we decided to leave. I'll go back tomorrow. Matches on my radar:
Anna-Lena Groenefeld [10] vs Shuai Peng
Daniela Hantuchova [11] vs Gisela Dulko
Catalina Castano vs Jie Zheng
Golovin/Pelletier vs Kirilenko/Ivanovic
Possibly Sugiyama vs Wozniak (Might be able to get in thanks to my Mom)

The schedule will make me go from place to place though... hehe! By the way, are my reports too long?

EDIT: I also remember seeing Jackson and Castano... And Peschke... And Maria K not signing my autograph thing...

Aug 15th, 2006, 01:30 AM
Matt thanks so much for your report
I love how you pay attention to the Asian players ...
I don't think your report is too long at all
I enjoy reading all of the details. Who was Na practicing with?

Maybe you should post your report in General Messages? More people can read it there

Aug 15th, 2006, 01:36 AM
What an awesome report; it sounds like you had a really fun time :D

If possible I would love a little report on how Jamea plays in her match tomorrow, even for just like a game or two :)

I hope you have a great time again tomorrow :lick:

Aug 15th, 2006, 01:36 AM
Na was practicing with Catalina Castano :) She looked a lot... bigger, than I thought she'd be, you know?

If a moderator would move it to GM, they could, but I think it's okay here ^^

edit - didn't see your post.
I'll go check it out, I didn't see she was playing TBH. I want to catch a bit of Bondarenko/Jankovic, so I'll check it out beforehand. With so many good matches tomorrow, it'll be hard to sync, but I'll do my best ^^ I want to see Yan, Zheng and Myskina practice tomorrow. hm. I'll find a way, I did today!

Aug 15th, 2006, 02:27 AM
:worship: :worship:

great report matt! im so glad you got to see ai!!

Aug 15th, 2006, 03:23 AM
believe me I'm glad too :) Thanks for reading ^^ tune in tomorrow night :lol:

edit: Photos will be posted Friday... I'll do em all in one batch^^
Autographs, we'll see :p Hingis, Sugiyama, and Golovin's are really clear, Na's is kinda pale, and Sun's is gone :sad: LOL

Meteor Shower
Aug 15th, 2006, 10:23 AM
great report.. its good that Shahar come back instead of being the one blowing the leads :p
I hope she played well!

Aug 15th, 2006, 10:42 AM
Sugi :D Was Sugi nice to you when she signed? She is awesome with fans :D

Aug 15th, 2006, 11:41 AM
amazing report, and a lot of feelings you put here, really enjoyed reading this , thank you very much, Volcanic Tennis :worship: :yeah:

Aug 15th, 2006, 11:52 AM
nice report!!!!


Aug 15th, 2006, 12:12 PM
Terrific Report! :yeah: I enjoyed reading so much, thank you! It must have been quite an effort to write this! Amazing how you mamaged to get all these autographs, I can never do it in Filderstadt :) I'll have another try this year, but anyway, sad that you had to leave when it started raining, otherwhise you could have watched a little of Marion (Allez :woohoo: ) vs. Smashnova. Thx once again! :)

Aug 16th, 2006, 03:06 AM
I was tired, and wanted to get as much energy possible to get a lot of tennis in today, that's why we didn't stay for Marion.
Ai was nice, but she didn't say much. What I liked about her was that she didn't seem rushed to sign, she took her time, smiling while she was doing it... it didn't seem like an effort, a chore, like it seems with other players. She looks as if she appreciates us fans ^^
Shahar is a pleasure to watch, indeed. From what I saw.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My notes were less descriptive today, so I'm not sure how good this'll be. Here it goes!
I get there, and skip the boutiques. No matches for one hour, so I go over and see Meilen Tu practicing with someone (Jidkova? I didn't get the name, I was in a rush!) While I was waiting to get in, I thought I had seen Jie Zheng on a cart, so I was rushing around trying to find her, somehow forgetting Court 5 had no matches until 1 PM, and that people used it to practice. I got there later, as her practice finished, and she was gone. Zi Yan was there, but I had trouble getting her attention... I walked beside her for two minutes and she never even saw me! I figured "Oh well, I'll see her play doubles and try then!" I thought her coach was Zheng, but she had a... fuller face, so I knew it couldn't be Zheng. Although she had me believing!
Dinara Safina was practicing somewhere else, and I was surprised to see her speak English with her coach. She was drilling second serve attacks, and was really impressive. Her power radiates; when she hits, you can really feel it! Behind her were Michaella Krajicek and Shahar Peer, hitting; it was nice to see, but as I was far (the two courts are adjacent) I couldn't really get a feel for either one.
I walk by a court that has Kim Clijsters written on the board... there was a crowd of forty, and no Belgian Babe to be seen. That made me giggle. The Chinese guy looked at me weird... but I don't really care what he thinks! Ting Li was drilling her net game over on another court. She was really impressive; her "dead" volleys were powerful, and she managed to make powerful smashes out of lobs that were behind her head. Not only powerful, but well placed. She was kind enough to sign my book (since there was no biography for her, I had to get her to sign an add... it said "On the line!" or something, and I thought it was cute. I really should consider getting a big ball, but I don't like not being able to tell who's signature is who's.) She laughed at one point, because she made the basket of balls fall, and her laugh was cute as can be. She's a threat, at the net! Yes, I had to speak in rhyme. Maybe I should do it all the time?
I went to see Shennay Perry play against Kveta Peschke afterwards. Sitting down at a showcourt gives me time to eat... otherwise I'm on the go! No time to eat on the go go go! Perry made a fan in me, but I'm not sure why. I just felt she had a promising game. Her forehand is nice; her movement is good; but the only lacking link is her backhand, which she chooses to slice. It just isn't good enough; Kveta attacked it a lot. But I'm happy to hear she closed out the match!
I took a picture of Perry serving, and she served an ace. O_O
I couldn't believe the cheers coming from Central Court, Pelletier overcoming Na Li. I thought my ears were going to fall out. I was disappointed for Li, which is funny, because I'm supposed to like my country's players... More on Matt's unpatrioticness later.
I saw Myskina practicing. She's quite tall too, like Petrova, who I saw nearby. So tall! Here I was thinking they were all short little things, and I get charged by six foot tall amazons!
I went onto Court 9 to see Cara Black play Uberoi. It was at 5/4 in the first set, and I was surprised to see how little Cara looked. She looks... shrivelled. I hate to use that word, because it sounds mean, but that's the only term I can think of. Very... thin. Very. Uberoi has a good game, but Cara has more experience, and I think that's what pulled her out of it today. Dinara came to see the match to get some info on her opponent, I imagine. Talking to the volunteers and stuff. Nice woman.
Sugiyama & Dechy were practicing (?) on court 5 at the same time. Sugiyama is well-liked on the tour, I think. Pratt was there, with someone else (I can't remember for the life of me who it was) and she was talking to them and stuff. Laughing about how Sugiyama rushed through the court while the other player was serving. It was funny! I watched them for a little, but left because Hantuchova was practicing, and I wanted to see her. I got a few pictures, watched a few hits, and zoom! I was on my way.
I went to eat lunch (again) with my mom and her friend, and then I went to see Groenefeld/"Peng". I didn't know Peng was German. Needless to say, I was sad that Schruff took Peng's place. I still don't know what injury Peng had. Too tired to check it out.
I went to see Kirilenko, who just finished her practice. She was walking over to another court, and said to me and this other boy to wait until she was at the other court for autographs. At least, that's what I think she said. She gets to the court and then forgets about us. Thanks, Maria K. I only waited an hour for an autograph yesterday and you didn't come through... Meh. She's only seventeen! The other guy was swearing in French. "I walk with her all the way there and blablabla!"
Luckily for me, she led me right to Jackson vs. Dominguez Lino. I watched five games, and Jackson was pretty solid. She looks like a bull on court, and I know that sounds mean, but what I mean to say is she looks aggressive and ready to attack. Very enjoyable to watch play. Jackson has wonderful ground strokes, but her first serve leaves to be desired. It's slow. I don't know if she was having an off day or something. She was at the net at one point and was shot directly on the face, she puts her racket to defend herself and wins the point!
Some time after that, Virginia R. Pascual was practicing... in what looked like a bra. It was actually a cami that she had pulled up. I took a pic of her while she was looking at me, and she was like "oh no! don't take a picture!". What a priceless face!! She was drilling volleys and defensive lobs, and she was totally on today. Too bad her match wasn't today!
Navratilova is practicing near VRP. I'm waiting for autographs, because I respect both of them very much. VRP comes out twenty minutes later and signs; a very simple signature, but at least we know what it is! I swear, the others scribble! haha. I understand though.
I almost got killed for Navratilova's autograph and I didn't even get it. Go figure. At least I still have my two legs!!
A bunch of Russians flocked out onto VRP's court, and kids asked for their autographs, not even knowing who they were. I felt bad for them. I didn't even know who they were. I think one was Dushevina?
I go to see Jankovic vs A Bondarenko, and there was SO many people. It was full. I took a pic of the crowd I was so in shock. INteresting: Jackson & Bondarenko both win the toss in their matches, and elect to receive. Is this some sort of strategy on their part?
It starts to rain, and I run off like a madman. I was walking right beside one or the other player, I'm not really sure. The towel was in the way. Misa Krajicek was walking with me to go to shelter. I was like "Woah, it's Misa!" I love going there, because all this time, they feel like stars, but there, when you see them, they're just ordinary people... and it's so wonderful a feeling to have. Who needs to dance with the stars, when you can walk with them!!
I see a few people I know while it rains, and then I go to Zheng vs Castano (that was my plan regardless of the rain) Thirty minutes later, it starts again. I can't concentrate, because I've got this old man fiddling with his feet beside me. It was the nastiest thing I've ever seen. Zheng hit this wonderful backhand winner; all her groundstrokes are really good. They clip the baseline and bounce really high. Her ball is really unique. She hit another backhand winner! And here I've got fiddlefoot beside my taking away all the fun. She dominated the first set, but I'm confused. Isn't she good at the net? When she receives a shorter ball, she goes back. I don't know why she doesn't just go up and finish the point. I leave to see Hantuchova vs. Dulko, and I get there and see the score. 6/2. However, I was sure the match was over. I was like "Why aren't they going to shake hands?" When I came back later, I found out it wasn't over... Oopsie? No Dani for me.
I go back to Jie's match, and see Yan Zi sitting on the other side. So I go and sit a few spaces beside her. When Jie was sure a call wasn't correct, she looked at Zi, and Zi would put out her pinky to say "Yes, Jie, the ball WAS out. Let it go." and Jie would let it go and move on. They even talked in Chinese when they were on the same side.
My mom and her friend came to see Jie play in the third set, after yet another rain break. I hear huge cheering from Stadium Court; Dubois must have won. This prompts me to try and leave at 1-0, and then I felt stupid. I left, went to get supper, and rushed to Center Court. I saw a girl I knew, and just sat down alone.
Now, here I go unpatriotic. I love my country, but Ai is my idol! I got there just in time for the start of the match, and I'm all excited. The crowd was pissing me off. They were clapping when Ai threw one into the net, or when she put one out wide (which she did quite a bit... a few were REALLY bad) Wozniak wasn't playing bad, even had me worried at the beginning, but Ai stepped it up a notch. Fusako helped her, I think. She wasn't playing very strong, but was trying to place it well, and it worked. I got a good seat, since no one was sitting there, and people were mad at me because I kept yelling "GO SUGIYAMA!! ALLEZ!!" and things of that nature. I think she felt alone out there, against a thousand people cheering her unforced errors. So I was trying to lend my support, and I think it might have helped :) The penultimate point was THE BEST point I saw so far. I can't even remember it well, but all I know was that Ai RAN that ball down, and really deserved to get her match point. She thanked the crowd briefly, but of course not too much. They were really mean to her. I was the only supporter there, along with my mom and her friend.
After, I went to see Domachowska/Mirza vs. Garbin/Tu, from 4/0 in the second set until the end. Tu is an EXCELLENT doubles player, really good at the net, but also has a good eye. She would say "no" when she knew the ball was out and Garbin was going to hit it. And she was right all the time except once. But that call was questionnable... Haha!
I was a lot more tired, since my day was longer, but I'm anxiouis for tomorrow. Center Court access again, but high up this time, and of course all the rest.

Matches on my radar: (So many... excellent OOP)
Anabel M. GARRIGUES vs. Ai SUGIYAMA (I can cheer with no shame!)
Nathalie DECHY/Ai SUGIYAMA vs. Stephanie FORETZ/Julia SCHRUFF
Ting LI/Tiantian SUN vs. Ana IVANOVIC/Maria KIRILENKO (I'll get that autograph again!)
Cara BLACK vs. Dinara SAFINA
Unfortunately a lot are going to be around the same time... /sigh/.

Good night, from Montréal!

Aug 16th, 2006, 03:20 AM
another awesome report matt! :D

meilen is def under-rated as a doubles player imo, if she could find a good permanent partner she could do really well

im going to pilot pen next week and hopefully I can have some awesome experiences as well!

Aug 16th, 2006, 03:24 AM
definitely. I definitely felt she was the star of the four in that match.

Aug 16th, 2006, 05:47 AM
Dinara Safina was practicing somewhere else, and I was surprised to see her speak English with her coach. She was drilling second serve attacks, and was really impressive. Her power radiates; when she hits, you can really feel it!

That is cause her coach is a Dutchman:) Glen Schaap:)
Was Dinara's elbow bandaged?

Aug 16th, 2006, 11:47 AM
Thanks for the Ai bit :)

Aug 16th, 2006, 12:19 PM
Another fun report! Thanks so much for the info on Jamea, glad you enjoyed watching her :D

Aug 16th, 2006, 12:21 PM
That is cause her coach is a Dutchman:) Glen Schaap:)
Was Dinara's elbow bandaged?

Can't really remember, I don't think so. But I think she was wearing long sleeves?

^^ Time for another day! I'm so exhausted X_X;;

Aug 16th, 2006, 02:11 PM
Love it ;)

Aug 16th, 2006, 11:11 PM
Great Report once more! Question on Wednesday: Did you see bits and pieces of Marion vs. Pennetta? What was the matter with Pennetta? Marion was down 45* then won it 75 and at 21 Flavia retired... :sad: Get well soon, and GOOOOO Marion and Shahar!

Aug 16th, 2006, 11:15 PM
Thanks for the report on Zi, Ting and Jie :worship:

Aug 17th, 2006, 01:24 AM
questions about pennetta answered in report... I think.

wednesday, august 16, 2006

We got there, and I ate an Egg McMuffin at McDonalds. I had made up a montage of Sugiyama- I took a picture from her victory over Hingis at Wimbledon, and put little pictures of triumphs in her career, and her name in a fancy font, as well as "Simply Amazing" at the bottom. I wanted her to sign it...
After waiting forever to get in, I go to check out the people practicing, and I was so lucky to see Ai, on the first court I went to, as well! She was just finishing up when I got there, so I got to see a few drills, and then she got ready to leave. I got her to sign it, and when she saw it she smiled, and I wished her luck for her matches and she said Thank you in her cute little voice and laughed. I was so happy! My mission was accomplished within ten minutes of getting on the grounds.
The first thing my mother and I wanted to see was Ruano Pascual/Suarez vs. Bondarenko sisters. It was on the smallest court, because there were only a dozen plastic chairs to watch it. What an insult to one of the best doubles teams of this era! We watched the hour and a half long match, and it was rivetting. The score does not show it, but it was a high quality match. VRP and Suarez made a few more mistakes than the sisters, but the match was, overall, made of winners and long rallies. It was great to see, although the result was disappointing.
As soon as that was over, I headed over to see Medina Garrigues vs. Sugiyama. Sugiyama had actually practiced on Court #5 a few hours earlier, which I found smart of her. I watched the first three games, and was so fed up with how they were playing: it was so poor quality. It was unforced errors gallore! So I just left, and went to see Zheng play Ivanovic. I saw the end of the first set, and Zheng was so mad at herself for not taking that break point at 4/4. It was so high quality though - they were both hitting winners left and right. The rallies were long, too. Zheng's ball wasn't quite as deep as yesterday, but I think that was the nerves playing on her. When she needed to step it up she did.
I left to go back and check out Sugiyama and Garrigues again, to see if the winds had shifted. I got there thinking Ai had lost the first set 6/4, having misread the score. Don't I sound like a rookie! The first three games were so long, and I couldn't get in. I felt like saying, "Hurry it up!!" I was so happy when I realized she was up 6/4 3/0! I felt like an idiot. What's great, though, was the second set, which I saw in its entirety, was just fantastic. The rallies were all around ten-twenty shots, and ended on forced errors or even winners. Towards the end of the match, Sugiyama was ripping all her shots down the line, and Medina could do nothing but watch them fly right by. The crowd was really impressed with her, as was I. A big step up from yesterday. She hit this one volley... wow, I was jaw dropped.
As Hantuchova's match had finished against Jackson (I was and am so mad... I won't get to see her play at all!!) I went on Court #1 to see Zheng/Ivanovic. I got there at the start of the decisive set, and was amazed at Zheng's match point saving abilities. My mom says I'm her on personal commentator... I was bringing up facts, such as Zheng and Yan saved 5 match points en route to their Australian title. Zheng was just too tired to make a comeback after she was down 5/1, she seemed to have very little energy left in her. But she put up a good fight.
Li/Jankovic vs. Kostanic/Uhlirova's last set was great. Na Li has a great capacity at the net, and really impressed me. They were having a good time winning this match.
As for Bartoli vs. Pennetta, I did not see much. I saw Pennetta's set point, where Bartoli completely attacked and dominated. I don't know much about her injury, albeit I was there when she retired... I was watching Black/Groenefeld play >_> The wind picked up, and my autographed Sugiyama picture flew up in the wind!! My heart literally stopped as I rushed to go get it... I was so, so, SO lucky. I shrieked when it blew away, and I think I made Black/Groenefeld lose a point!! Haha.
At this point, not much else was going on, so we decided to go watch Myskina vs. Peer. This was the end of the last set. It was such high quality tennis... it is a shame none of you will be able to watch it on tape. My mother saw most of it, and said it was THE match of the day. Myskina hit so many winners, she said, out of balls she was getting on the run. She's a shot maker, and really aims for the line. She's also "court smart", like my mom says: She saw Peer was getting used to her powerful forehands, so she moonballed a few points and it screwed up Peer's game. But in the end, she said, Myskina's temper screwed her. If she didn't have those problems, she'd probably be on top. She's much prettier with this new hairdo, too. At one point, Myskina served a serve Peer questionned, and Myskina had the "It was good" attitude and was ready to serve the next point, and Shahar was still complaining... It was HILARIOUS. I should've talked a picture.
Kirilenko/Ivanovic vs. Li/Sun was what I decided to watch because Sugiyama/Dechy still weren't on Court 5 - Vesnina was practicing. The first set was the biggest waste of time... Li and Sun could not get a volley in for the life of them, or even a groundstroke. On the other hand, Kirilenko is a wonderful player, and really won that match single handedly. Ivanovic made SOME nice shots, but it was mostly Maria tearing it up. If she got with a player like Black, who knows... Black is, by the way, all she's cracked up to be. With the right partner, she'd be unstoppable.
My mom called me to tell me they switched Dechy/Sugiyama to Center Court. I rushed over there... 4/5 in the second set. I was way the heck up there, but had a really nice view anyways. It was good play all around, but Sugiyama and Dechy had the better net game, and won a lot of nice points. During the tiebreaker, Dechy served at 5/3, and when she hit her second shot, she hit Sugiyama on the shoulder. >_> Nice shot, Nathalie? The very next point, they both tried to hit the same ball. I still haven't figured out how they won that point.
I saw the end of Li/Sun's defeat. I didn't even want to ask Sun for a picture or anything (cute as a button!) She was pissed off, royally pissed off. Maria K was aiming balls at her in the first set, and Maria K was smiling when Sun was making errors in the first set. By the time I came back, at 6/5 in the second set, Sun had reached her boiling point, and probably could have slapped Kirilenko. I would've too, she was being very... cruel, you know? I think Sun was fed up with all the hot guys in the audience cheering for the Serbian-Russian duo. At the end, when she was walking away from the court, I wish I could have understood what she was saying to Li. I WISH! Poor them, though.
All the while, you still hear these huge cheers from Court #1. I got there to see Shahar lift her arms in accomplishment. I got to see Navratilova/Petrova school Fichman/Tetrault. It was the battle of giants versus gnomes. Literally. Poor Fichman didn't return three of Petrova's serves in a row, and Navratilova was so... inactive during the match, and then touch the ball and hit a miraculous winner. Great player indeed. The game the Canadians won was one well-played point, and three errors from the others. Unconvincing actresses, Petrova and Navy. Don't quit your day jobs. Oh, wait, Navratilova is...
We left right after. What's the point in staying there? I didn't have tickets for the retirement. By the way... WTA events = hot men en masse!! Seems everywhere I went I saw one.

Matches on the Radar for tomorrow:
Yan/Zheng [1] vs. Jankovic/Li
Dechy/Sugiyama [8] vs. Chakvetadze/Vesnina [Q]
Kuznetsova [4] vs. Sugiyama
Ivanovic [11] vs. Jankovic
Safina [9] vs. Perry
Bartoli/Peer vs. Bondarenko sisters.

Aug 17th, 2006, 05:23 AM
Great thanks!!!

Aug 17th, 2006, 09:21 AM
Thank you :D :)

Aug 17th, 2006, 01:25 PM
Thanks Matt
can you tell us a little more about the relationship between Na Li and Jankovic? Do they speak alot during the match? (Na's English is not so good). Do they smile or laugh alot?

Aug 17th, 2006, 02:01 PM
Tiantian :hug: :hearts:

Aug 18th, 2006, 04:58 AM
Thanks for the reports Matt, I'm quite sure we saw each other quite often!

I'll do my thread tonight and tomorrow too with the pics ;)

Aug 18th, 2006, 05:20 AM
I saw a guy there, who looked like a tennis-guy, too, with a camera. Might've been you :p

We probably did, though. I was checking out all the guys. SO many hot guys. :hearts: I took pics of this one guy because he was just over-the-top.

Report coming soon ^^ With pics :p

Aug 18th, 2006, 11:43 AM

Aug 18th, 2006, 11:11 PM
lol poor TianTian :hug: :kiss:

Aug 19th, 2006, 04:52 PM
Thursday, August 17, 2006

I saw Sun practicing half-volleys, just going for power. Probably trying to vent her frustration. Sugiyama was practicing elsewhere, and when Ivanovic got on court, she smiled and greeted her. She got off the court to go to the player's lounge, and Svetlana was on a cart going to the same place. The few people around them "ooh"ed, and they just smiled and greeted each other. Very friendly folk, women tennis players.
I went to watch Garbin/Tu vs. Schiavone/Peschke, and there was good anticipation on both sides. Schiavone was very aggressive, serving and volleying, and when she lost points she would kick the ball. She even hit it with her head once to the ball boy!! Haha. Garbin/Tu totally choked at 5/4, and then just lost it completely. I didn't bother watching the end of the match...
Kirilenko was practicing with Myskina and drew a full crowd! I saw Safina leaving from Court BN, so I knew Sugiyama vs. Kuznetsova was going to be starting soon. Kuznetsova was playing awesome at the end of the first set, but Sugiyama stepped it up a notch in the second set. At the end, Kuznetsova saved those set points thanks to her own winners. Sugiyama's camp was looking at me when I yelled out "Come on, Sugiyama, one more chance!!" after she lost her first set point... haha! In the tiebreaker, down 1/3, Sugiyama missed an easy volley... she said the F word O_O. She was very aggressive though to save three match points, hitting winners on all three. But alas, it was over... One thing I noticed from all these different Sugiyama matches was that she changes her ball depending on her opponent's ball. If her opponent is a hard hitter, she'll hit hard. If her opponent is a placer, she'll place place it. She's very good that way; reading her opponent.
Bartoli/Peer was so good, I couldn't get a place in the stands! My mom said it was VERY high quality, but Bartoli got hurt near the end.
Yan and Zheng were practicing and I saw that Yan has a two-handed game... both forehand and backhand!! That's crazy.
I then tried to win tickets for Hingis/Hantuchova, but I couldn't serve properly because of the sun... -_-
Sugiyama/Dechy vs. Vesnina/Chakvetadze was a great match. Dechy was missing a lot of shots in the beginning, but Sugiyama was positive, smiling all the way, and it really uplifted Dechy, and Dechy started to get in the groove. Dechy has the longest limbs! It helps her be fantastic at the net, and she has a great serve (it's not necessarily fast, but it's well placed). Chakvetadze is the biggest crybaby. She was all pissed off when Vesnina missed shots... a real sore loser. Sugiyama, on the other hand, was just about flawless during this match.
Hingis/Hantuchova had the crowd cheering extremely loud. I managed to get in to Center Court to see Navratilova/Petrova vs. Dulko/Morariu. In fact, I got down in the very first row behind the baseline! Navratilova just makes tennis look so easy... They were really good that night. I went out to try and get autographs from the winners, but they skipped me... I was so tired, though, it was around 11:30! So I went home.

Aug 19th, 2006, 04:57 PM
Friday, August 18, 2006

I got box-tickets from my mom's tennis friend, and I got to go... again!
One thing I really saw today was nervous ticks you don't really notice on TV. Peer slaps her thigh before points, she closes her eyes and meditates before each point, Ana Ivanovic stands at an angle when waiting to receive, and then jumps into a straight position when the ball is tossed.
Anna Chakvetadze was incredibly nervous during her tiebreak today. She dropped the ball and was shaking, it was clearly visible.
Dechy and Sugiyama vs. Safina and Srebotnik
Dechy had a slow start, but still managed to make some nice points.
I think it'll take me a while to forgive Dechy... she made two bad errors on the first set points they got. They went on to lose that set. I was so livid.
Safina, at one point, went to go get a ball from someone in the stand! I wish I was that person.
Dechy & Sugiyama got screwed on three calls, though. The linesmen were horrible. The balls were so clearly out. Sugiyama was positive all the way through, though, even when down three match points. When one ball was called in that was out, she got down on her knees and pointed to the mark and said, "This is out!" in her cute little voice, but the chair umpire didn't budge. He was wrong, though.
Dechy is just too inconsistent. She makes nice shots from time to time, but she misses a ton as well. I wish they would have won, I really wanted to see Sugiyama take this doubles title... :sad: Who knows, maybe she will continue to play tennis for two more years and I get to see her in 2008 =)
I got Navratilova’s autograph shortly after, at her practice, when she was complaining about her night match in a joking manner, and left during the Bartoli/Peer vs. Peschke/Schiavone match. I was so weak, I hadn’t eaten much. I’m happy I got a legend’s autograph in her last trip to Montreal.

Overall, it was a fantastic week. Pictures to come sometime later! ^^

Meteor Shower
Aug 19th, 2006, 05:53 PM
Thanks :D
I'm glad to hear Peer matches against Myskina and Bartoli were of high quality. :)

did you sense any hard feeling between Shahar and Marion during the doubles match - after they played each other in the singles? :)

Aug 19th, 2006, 07:40 PM
no, not really
really mature about it

Aug 19th, 2006, 08:11 PM
My Friday report is :

I saw Anna, Ana, Vesnina, Peer, Groenefeld, Peschke, Schiavone, Mirza, Dominguez Linon and Sfar practising :angel: