View Full Version : 1r - Stockholm Tier IV - (1) Anastasia MYSKINA vs. (WC) Alicia MOLIK - who will win?

Aug 5th, 2006, 11:03 PM
Nice to keep your eyes on the 'B' circuit folks. Especially when there is a clear favorite like Nastya to take the title. Does anyone think Alicia can recapture her form for a big upset??


Aug 5th, 2006, 11:05 PM
Nastya always gets tough draws :(

last time it was Serena, now Alicia :(

Nastya will win anyway ;)

Aug 5th, 2006, 11:05 PM
Molik in 3 sets

Aug 5th, 2006, 11:06 PM
myskina in 2, but that's gonna be a tough round

Aug 5th, 2006, 11:07 PM
Nastya in 2
....if she's motivated this time :rolleyes:

Aug 5th, 2006, 11:20 PM
Good luck Alicia :( :worship:

Aug 5th, 2006, 11:28 PM
Alicia in 2!

Aug 5th, 2006, 11:31 PM
Myskina will win in straight sets. But actually I hope Molik is going to surprise us.

Aug 5th, 2006, 11:32 PM
Didn't someone already make this thread before? :scratch:

Aug 5th, 2006, 11:33 PM
I'm not so sure about either. Based on recent form, however, I'm thinking Nastya.
But if Alicia can serve big throughout the match, she has a shot.

Aug 5th, 2006, 11:36 PM
It's a hard court. Alicia will win, I think. It sucks big for Natsya...but is really good for Nicole and Marti, so I guess it's a good thing.

Aug 6th, 2006, 01:33 AM
i was hoping alicia would have an easier first round
I think she can do it!
Go Alicia!

Alicia Rocks
Aug 6th, 2006, 01:36 AM
Good luck Alicia.. but I think Nastya in 3 :(
Proove me wrong please ;)

Aug 6th, 2006, 01:39 AM
Alicia in 3 sets

Aug 6th, 2006, 01:43 AM
i think alizia will win in 3

C'MON HONEY! :smoke:

Aug 6th, 2006, 02:18 AM
i wish alicia, but i think nastya will in straight sets

Aug 6th, 2006, 02:21 AM
myskina in 2
good luck

Martian Stacey
Aug 6th, 2006, 02:24 AM
Myskina in 2... i think :unsure:

Aug 6th, 2006, 11:01 AM
Myskina will win, probably in 2, perhaps in three..... but she will win

So Disrespectful
Aug 6th, 2006, 11:08 AM
This is absolute crap. You enter a tier 4 to get a few matches under your belt and this is what you get in return. Good luck Alicia, but Anastasia is going to win this one.

Aug 6th, 2006, 11:28 AM
Nastya in 2!

Aug 6th, 2006, 12:26 PM
First Serena in Cincy, now Alicia in Stockholm - what is this??? OTLISHNA Myskina!

Aug 6th, 2006, 01:05 PM

Aug 6th, 2006, 01:06 PM

Aug 6th, 2006, 01:10 PM
Myskina in 2

Aug 6th, 2006, 01:17 PM
Alicia in 3...

Aug 6th, 2006, 01:27 PM
So far 27 for Nastya, 19 for Molok.... thereis no doubt in my minf that Myskina will take this match away.

Aug 6th, 2006, 01:59 PM
Guys, since Molik has returned to the game she has played 10 matches. She has won only 4 of them. Three of those players were ranked outside the top 150. The other was Antonella Serra Zanetti. Do I have to say more? It is good to have Molik back but she is still a long way away from being competitive with the best players.

I have 100% confidence in Nastya winning this match and hopefully going on to win the tournament.

Aug 6th, 2006, 04:46 PM
Myskina of course!!!