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Aug 2nd, 2006, 04:38 AM
It concerns political tension within Palestine, and within Lebanon. And more specifically, internal divisions in both Hamas and Hexbollah.

Check it out.

The current elected leader of Palestine, (who is member of Fatah, if memory serves) was pushing a referendum in the Occuppied Territories on whether or not to recognize the existence of Israel. (One must point out, 'Israel' can be defined in various ways.) However, the more militant wing of Hamas opposes such a referendum. Word is, the capture (one does not 'kidnap' eneny soldiers during wartime) of an Israel soldier was designed to provoke enough of an Israeli response that any such referendum would result in the rejection of an Israeli entity. Noth that they want to risk such a referendum in any event.

Hezbollah was in a similar position. The Prime Minister of Lebanon is not only pro-Western, but pro-Bush.

Which brings us to an area of occupied Lebanon called Sheba Farms.

Or occuppied Syria called Sheba Farms.

Or simply Sheab Farms, a part of Israel.

It seems the Prime Minister of Lebanon was looking to solidify his position by negotiating a deal to return Sheba Farms to Lebanese control. The area has a lot of water, which is every bit as valuable as oil in the region. Problem is, Sheba Farms is also the Hezbollah excuse to continue being armed, instead of complying with UN Resolution 1559, which requires militias to dis-arm. So what does Hezbollah do? They certainly don't intend to disarm.

Well, there ARE israel invaders on Lebanese land. Capture a few, conduct a prisoner exchange, and voila! You've done more than get back some land. You ot back people. Unfortunately, Israel monkey-wrenches the works by treating the 'trivial' capture of a few prisoners of something major.

Those Israelis, can't count on them to play by the rules. It's like they take having members of the IDF captured by the enemy personally.

Of course, Hezbollah, while not expecting a fight with the IDF, doesn't mind one. All they have to do is survive, and it's a win. (if you haven't, read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War". Perhaps the world's oldest military text, and still the state of the art on asymmetrical warfare.)

In short, Israel is, in many ways, a secondary player in the current situation. This is about internal politics within Palestine and Lebanon, Hamas and Hesbollah. Israel is just a weapon. (if the reference means anything to you, think Jeff Speakman, in "The Perfect Weapon")

Of course, I'm in no position to commnet on whether or not this is the actual sequence of political events.

But... food for thought, no?

Aug 2nd, 2006, 05:21 AM
Seems plausible to moi. ;)

Aug 4th, 2006, 10:18 PM
Seems plausible to moi. ;)Plausible? Yes? But what are the pros and cons of 'probable'?