View Full Version : Official Final Fu on MTV2 Thread

Aug 1st, 2006, 01:13 AM
This is a new reality show on MTV2!!!! I'm addicted. It's a martial arts show hosted by Ernie Reyes Jr. where contestants do challenges to earn points. Based on performances on their challenges, contestants are paired up and fight against each other for even more points.

Right now its already in the 3rd semifinal?? group. From group 1 i liked Matt but am glad Jessica got in. From group 2 i liked Jessen (who also placed 5th like matt :( ) even though he was a cocky ass lol and Ilram. From group 3... I don't really like anybody but it just started so we'll SEE. I'm excited for the finals. It's kinda freaky watching the guys fight the girls though, especially the more fragile girls and the more reckless guys because it can be so imbalanced

here is a youtube video

Does anyone else watch this show???

Aug 2nd, 2006, 06:17 AM
well... no one but me watches this show obviously as i am the only one to have viewed this thread. :sad:

but anyways, in this semifinal grouping, which girl do you think is the best?

It seems like Sanaz would be but she seems to not have fulfilled her potential YET. Let's see how she does in the next challenge and fight.

Also, does anyone else think Geoff S.'s fighting style is too slow for this type of show??? It seems to be focused more on power than on rapid hitting unlike TKD. I don't really know about martial arts, less his specific style... so... i Was just wondering. =)