View Full Version : Mexico Leftists Protest in Mex. City

Jul 31st, 2006, 09:56 PM
Obrador supporters, leftists, and generally
dissatisfied citizens protest in the streets of
Mexico again, following his orders.

Only problem is the rallies, big as they are,
are not as big as they had hoped for. The
City is not closed down, the center of it is,
just as when NYC has protests. Mexico City
is geographically a huge city, with millions
in population.

Every poll shows Obrador is not seen as the winner
by most, and most feel Calderon won it fairly. Most
also would not mind a recount by hand (again),but,
don't demand it.

All evidence presented so far by Obrador in the media
has fallen short of hard hitting, and a lot of it has just
fallen by the way side, i.e., his video, and some of his
so called first hand witness accounts.

Which shows us what kind of a leader he is. If he can't
win fairly, he'll just create enough noise to make sure
he wins it unfairly.

Again, had the man showed up for the first two debates,
instead of holding out, and looking like a coward or
above the thing, he may have won in a landslide.

Even in California and the Southwest, the election is
not causing a big stir among illegal aliens here who largely
don't care.

But, it makes for good tv, and great hysteria among
the generally left leaning spanish news media.

Black Mamba.
Jul 31st, 2006, 10:12 PM
What platform did Obrador run on and did that platform include something on illegal immigration?