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Jul 31st, 2006, 05:37 PM
UK, Calif. to strike global warming deal By JOHN HEILPRIN, Associated Press Writer
Mon Jul 31, 6:59 AM ET

WASHINGTON - Britain and California are preparing to sidestep the Bush administration and fight global warming together by creating a joint market for greenhouse gases.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger plan to lay the groundwork for a new trans-Atlantic market in carbon dioxide emissions, The Associated Press has learned. Such a move could help California cut carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases scientists blame for warming the planet. President Bush has rejected the idea of ordering such cuts.

Blair and Schwarzenegger were expected to announce their collaboration Monday afternoon in Los Angeles, according to documents provided by British government officials on condition of anonymity because the announcement was forthcoming.

The aim is to fix a price on carbon pollution, an unwanted byproduct of burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gasoline. The idea is to set overall caps for carbon and reward businesses that find a profitable way to minimize their carbon emissions, thereby encouraging new, greener technologies.

Monday's meeting was being hosted by Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group, and Lord John Browne, chairman of British Petroleum. British and American business leaders planned to use it to also discuss other ways of accelerating use of low-carbon technologies.

The world's only mandatory carbon trading program is in Europe. Created in conjunction with the Kyoto Protocol, a 1997 international treaty that took effect last year, it caps the amount of carbon dioxide that can be emitted from power plants and factories in more than two dozen countries.

Companies can trade rights to pollute directly with each other or through exchanges located around Europe as long as the cap is met. Canada, one of more than 160 nations that signed Kyoto, plans a similar program.

Although the United States is one of the few industrialized nations that haven't signed the treaty, some Eastern states are developing a regional cap-and-trade program. And some U.S. companies have voluntarily agreed to cap their carbon pollution as part of a new Chicago-based market.

A main target of the agreement between Britain and California is the carbon from cars, trucks and other modes of transportation. Transportation accounts for an estimated 41 percent of California's greenhouse gas emissions and 28 percent of Britain's.

Schwarzenegger has called on California to cut its greenhouse gas emissions to 2000 levels by 2010. California was the 12th largest source of greenhouse gases in the world last year, bigger than most nations.

Blair has called on Britain to reduce carbon emissions to 60 percent of its 1990 levels by 2050. Britain also has been looking at imposing individual limits on carbon pollution. People who accumulate unused carbon allowances for example, by driving less, or switching to less polluting vehicles could sell them to people who exceed their allowances for example by driving more.

Bush has resisted Blair's efforts to make carbon reduction a top international priority. After taking office, Bush reversed a 2000 campaign pledge to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, then withdrew U.S. support from the Kyoto treaty requiring industrialized nations to cut their greenhouse gases to below 1990 levels.

The United States is responsible for a quarter of the world's global warming pollution. Bush administration officials argue that requiring cuts in greenhouse gases would cost the U.S. economy 5 million jobs. Instead, the administration has poured billions of dollars into research aimed at slowing the growth of most greenhouse gases while advocating a global cut on one of them, methane.


500 years from now, California will secede from the union over the environment, gay rights issues, and mega-advances in stem cell research. The secession will be followed by California joining the European Union and Paris Hilton's revived body elected as President of the new nation.

Jul 31st, 2006, 05:56 PM
Which only makes my already high California
taxes go up more. As more businesses move
to Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico
out of California to avoid the ridiculous taxes,
fines, and regulations.... It has slowed down
under Arnold, but, it's still a pattern: flight
out of California.

Utah and Arizona are smiling.

130 people died in our two week heat wave.
How about taking care of that Arnold, put in
some AC at a few senior citizen places.
Considering it is raining today, so much for
global warming. We hit 117 in Woodland
Hills, and today, it's like 90 - back to normal.

Not just white people, not just middle class
people unable to live in California, but, just
about every class but the hyper rich and the
hyper poor (translation - illegal aliens).

Please visit downtown LA or Fresno and tell
me exactly where the hyper enviro laws are
working? I'm missing it. All those regulations,
and downtown LA is a dump.

How about more freeways, get rid of the toll
roads, build a few decent trains that people
can use and afford, and lose the subway ideas

Arnold is fine. He's a good Democrat. Which is
okay, since the real Democrats in California
are pretty much socialists. That's out choice
here - Liberal Republican who is really a Democrat,
or Liberal Democrat who is really a Socialist -
what choices!

Sidestep Bush? Any nation and any state can
enforce any pollution and air regulations it
wants right now, last year, 5 years ago, 10
years ago.

Exactly how many nations are enforcing the
Kyoto Treaty regulations, on their own? The
list is short, if existing at all.

When we get India and China - the two fastest
growing (and industrial heavy) economies in the
world to sign on board, and not exempt them,
I'll pay more attention to Kyoto Treaty style

I like Blair. He's done well by me anyway. I liked
Thatcher too. Sadly, most Britains don't think
much of either of them.

Jul 31st, 2006, 05:57 PM
Let's hand it to Arnold.
Last summer he was toast, done, lost all
his ballot initiatives, the Dems had him on
the ropes. So, he became one of them in
ideas and speeches, and now, he's ahead
in the race by almost 10 points. Way to go

No license for illegal aliens, and I'l vote for you.

Jul 31st, 2006, 08:41 PM
The world is doomed really, the whole process of climate change is already built in, even if people like Bush were to finally get off their arse and do something (which he won't) its already late in the day to avoid great turmoil, and naked self-interest will win out in the end...

Goodness knows what could ever persuade Bush that climate change is a serious threat...

We've just had the hottest July in the history of records being kept by the way, and even within my lifetime Ive noticed the changes happening.

A far as Thatcher goes, she was irredeemably awful, ultra-conservative, wildly anti-European, with a sickening, fawning relationship with that dimwit Reagan.

Blair similarly sickening relationship with Bush has been an awful mistake...in some areas Blair has done a decent job, in Northern Ireland (Talking with terrorists, imagine that! Maybe we should just have flattened the Irish Republic, what WOULD the US have said then...) he was a peacemaker of vision and patience, and our public services have enjoyed good levels of investment...but his unwillingness to ever say the mildest word of criticism of GW Bush, and to tie the UK so much to the current rotten US regime, has been a betrayal of our national interest, our involvement in Iraq a terrible, lingering mistake.

The whole Lebanon mess is only the most recent example of this...Blair selling us out in the name of the so called 'special relationship' when in fact the only 'special relationship' that really counts is the US and Israel.