View Full Version : My Holiday Vacation and other stuff

Jul 31st, 2006, 12:36 PM
Hows everybody. My holiday was good. had a fantastic time in the PukeNited States of America. Just wonderful daaling. bought 2 new pairs of jeans. the ones i was wearing were handmedowns...hehe. and 3 nice basketball shorts for running and shooting hoops and those sweatthrough workout shirts that even match said basketball shorts. they look cool but get smelly specially if you exercise in them. they are supposed to dry quickly but not as good as cotton at sealing in odor. anyway. also got a new pair of those pump nike running shoes and then they give away half price 2nd pair at foot locker. same shoes are 150 euros in france but were only 80 dollars (60 euros in America). had a great time farting around the pool. also spent a week by the beach on a home exchange with unknown couple. I BBQd like 4 out of 6 nites and only gained a few pounds over the course of the vacation and had Pina Caladas every nite almost. we brought a 16 Algerian / French girl with us and she had a kick ass time. She loved all the americans she met and loved the shopping. Only the food she didnt like but she loved the layout of the Jersey Suburbs, the shopping malls and NYC and just loved the beach. I promised her her mother and several friends could crash by us next year.

worst part was my son got on a roof deck, followed an 8 year old, he is only 5 and could have fallen. same old story of what happends when you let reckless WOMEN watch ova your kids. its the old "oh i thought they were fine playing alone outside" kinda shit.

2nd worst part was finding out how damn pompous and full of himself i thought a relative was. he was my email buddy, and i know he was very into himself. I had no problem with that. But when he repeatedly rubbed elbows with his dumbass colleagues and people doing his housework while looking down his nose at me, that i had final proof that he is a glorified asshole. How do you end an email relationship? just not write i guess? we used to write every day, what a waste of time. I feel like i was donating to charity, but got no receipt. shit, the rest of my generation in the family always said he was an asswipe but i was holding out. I shook him up a bit and told him he tried that again hed gut a punch in the gut. I dont think he got the message though - his ass is curbkicked. oh, unless he sends me a blank check, i would accept some money for this type of demeaning behaviour, but itd have to be alot. :lol:

hows your summer going?