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Jul 23rd, 2006, 03:11 AM
I started this thread about SERBIAN (BELGRADIAN :worship: ) SENSATIONS in Genneral Messages, but i comprehend that hi belong here:

Novak Djokovic (ATP#36), upcoming tennis star from Serbia won today in Dutch Open (Amersoft) his SF match against Guillermo Coria (ARG) and if hi lose tomorrow in final vs. Nicolas Massu (CHI) hi will be ATP#31 and if win Novak will be ATP#28 player next week, so hi finally reach SEED status for next slam (USO2006). That means that right now three players which all bourn in Belgrade, Serbian capitol city (about 1.5M citizens), will be TOP32 seeds at next GS (USO 2006). Right now only Moscow (with 9 WTA/ATP players!!!), Belgrade (Novak, Ana and Jelena) and Basel (Roger and Patty) is birthplace cities where is bourn more than one world (ATP/WTA) TOP32 player from current lists !!!! and before USO 2006 draw only Buenos Aires with ATP#14 Gaston Gaudio have chances to enter in this exclusive club if WTA #33 GISELA DULKO or even ATP#44 Juan Ignacio Chela reach TOP32 status.

All this three Serbian players (Jelena, Novak and Ana) was bourn in same place and actually “in same time” (between 28.2.1985. and 6.11.1987.) and all is starting to play tennis and grow in one of worst decade in whole Belgrade history (1990-2000 for Belgrade is years of destructions, deep economic crisis, crime, hyperinflation, war, bombing... Belgrade live in regime repression and world isolation... etc... etc...)!!! Also, before this Belgrade tennis boom in last 1000 years Serbs don’t have much success in individual sports (we are small country, but in several team-sports we are world TOP5 state like in basketball, waterpolo, volleyball, handball... etc...) and only one tennis player from Belgrade have world TOP30 status in past – Slobodan Zivojinovic in 80’s and nobody else, but right now except Ana, Jelena and Novak who will be seeds, at USO MAIN DRAW will be also (ATP#73) Boris Pashanski, and probably Janko Tipsarevic (who dont miss any GS in last two season, and who is right now is out of TOP100, but very close) – and for both of them Belgrade is birthplace (and for “GBR” Alex Bogdanovic too!).

I sure that now you all want to know “WHAT IS MAGIC FORMULA” for this fantastic tennis boom in Belgrade and how this possible that “kids” who born here have such more success in this new century than kids from greatest tennis centers like Melbourne, Paris, London or New York, than kids from Madrid or Barcelona, Rome or Milan, Beijing or Tokyo, Prague or Berlin, St. Petersburg or Kiev, Los Angeles or Toronto... etc... etc... and this is maybe best thing of this story – WE DON’T HAVE MAGIC FORMULA, we only have one supertalented, fantastic, kick-as generations of young players and nothing else, and if some tell you in future that talent in tennis is only 1% please give him to read this post. Conditions here is (much) worse than in other big cities (i mean in Europe or North America), our tennis federation is catastrophic (and in bad relationship with all our best players and they families), "experts" is still bad (but develop right now), we have only one serious tournament here (chalengar of course)... For example, young Seles must training in courtyard of one our popular singer, Dokic forget to play tennis when she "back" here from Australia :devil: , Jankovic even now dont have coach because she always shift for oneself, Ana like young be mediocre junior player here, but at once she go in Swiss - she "explode", reach junior Wimbley final, in first pro year go from 790 place to 97 and in 2nd season from 97 to 16 year end place, and when Novak Djokovic be young player heading local tennis "experts" evaluate him like untalented. Also, some good talents like Pashanski or Bozoljac only waste her time in juniors days, and with 22-23 years nobody hear for them (350+ ranked players). But after only one serious season Pashanski go to in ATP TOP60 players and Bozoljac right now is #135...etc...etc... but now (and in next minimum 10 years!!!) no world tennis map without BELGRADE :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: .

Jul 23rd, 2006, 08:29 PM
I forget one very important detail:

Ana, Jelena and Novak who all be seeds at next slam is not only US Open 2006 seeds who have birthplace in Belgrade! World #6 doubles player (ex #1 in doubles and TOP60 in singles) Canadian Daniel Nestor (aka Danilo Nestorovic) who always play with Marc Knowle is bourn in Belgrade!!! And world doubles player #10 Nenad Zimonjic (who play this season with Fabrice Santoro) is also bourn in Belgrade!!!! Also, Nestor will be TOP8 seeds in mix doubles (with Elena Lihovceva) and Zimonjic will be also TOP8 seeds in mix doubles (with Katarina Srebotnik)!!!! OK... Nestor is exeption, because hi is not grow-up here in Belgrade in this terrible period in Serbian capitol history, but fact is that Belgrade is his birthplace.

So, in last slam this season US Open Belgrade is birthplace for two players in woman singles competition, mans doubles competition and mix-doubles competition and for one players in mans singles competitions (3 seeds in singles, 2 in doubles and 2 in mix-doubles)!!!!!!

BELGRADE RULES :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Aug 13th, 2006, 10:08 AM
ej mozes li mi pomoci oko ovog kesa
za avatar i potpis!!!!!!