View Full Version : Lindsay's matches for english correction

Jul 19th, 2006, 01:24 PM
Hi all, I'm looking for someone who wants to help me. I propose you a swap: I'll send you 1 or more tapes of Lindsay's matches of your choice FOR FREE and you'll correct my final thesis. I have all her matches from wimbledon 1999 up to october 2004. before wimby 99, i just have us open final 98 and olympics final 1996. Matches are in PAL format, and I can tape it either in LP or SP.
Requirements: english mother tongue, university degree or equivalent level, available around 5 August, ready to correct it in 2/3 days maximum. Thesis is around 60 pages and it's about female genital mutilations and child's right to health. A legal background would be preferable.
If somebody is interested, please contact me at: valetennis@hotmail.com