View Full Version : Dementieva's proper ranking

Jul 2nd, 2006, 11:58 PM
Somewhere in internet: "she is an unreliable finalist, her serve is an Achilles' heel the size of an entire leg". It is true but it is wrong too. The reason: she is not a tennis racquet with a humanoid extension on it, she is not a tennis-robot solely. The "Achilles' heel" is not a part of inability, she does not care much about it because "I hate my serve". It is somehow the lack of ambitions. She was never properly prepaired or trained for professional tennis, her practice is surely inadequate and in spite of all these she is at the top ten of the world. Here is the point to change the sight and ranking: we can say she is the very, very best amateur among the top ten of professionals for ever. It is much more adorable as to be simply among the top ten. All her opponents must be very lucky about this "non-professionality" and their luck will be continued only up to the date she will become a true professional.