View Full Version : JHH and Wimbledon, A door must be open or closed

Jun 15th, 2006, 07:40 PM
A door must be open or closed.
This maxim illustrates an inescapable alternative, one of the most solid propositions of logic you have. Turn it round whichever way you like, there’s no third possibility (if you find another possibility, you’ll be revolutionising the founding principles of Aristotelian logic).
In the same way any person you may think of is either dead or alive (see Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Prince Albert of Monaco, Sjef van Oekel (my brother-in-law)).
Conversely “you’re either for us or against us” is not a closed proposition as you may actually be neither for us nor against us (especially if you don’t care either way)
So inescapable closed proposition again: Justine will win or will not win Wimbledon.
This thread = spam? I guess you could say so, but with all the jinxing and dejinxing threads going I just felt like shoving in my two oars.
PS the Justine proposition above applies to any other player participating in the event. Amazing, isn’it?