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Jun 14th, 2006, 09:54 PM
Top 200 stats
In red, girls who are under 20

KIRILENKO Maria -Russia -19 y.o -former best ranking:22 -NEW:20
PEER Shahar -Israel -19 y.o -former best ranking:26 -NEW:24
SREBOTNIK Katarina -Slovenia -25 y.o -former best ranking:26 -NEW:25
LI Na -China -24 y.o -former best ranking:33 -NEW:32
BAMMER Sybille -Austria -26 y.o -former best ranking:47 -NEW:45
YAKIMOVA Anastasiya -Belarussia -19 y.o -former best ranking:58 -NEW:53
KANEPI Kaia -Estonia -21 y.o -former best ranking:73 -NEW:62
OPRANDI Romina -Italy -20 y.o -former best ranking:95 -NEW:80
GAJDOSOVA Jarmila -Slovak Republic -19 y.o -former best ranking:93 -NEW:86
SROMOVA Hana -Czech Republic -28 y.o -former best ranking:91 -NEW:90
LISJAK Ivana -Croatia -19 y.o -former best ranking:108 -NEW:95
AZARENKA Victoria -Belarussia -16 y.o -former best ranking:107 -NEW:102
BOHMOVA Katerina -Czech Republic -19 y.o -former best rank.:118 -NEW:107
BONDARENKO Kateryna -Ukraine -19 y.o -former best ranking:113 -NEW:109
REZAI Aravane -France -19 y.o -former best ranking:133 -NEW:112
BARDINA Vasilisa -Russia -18 y.o -former best ranking:121 -NEW:117
FLIPKENS Kirsten -Belgium -20 y.o -former best ranking:145 -NEW:127
PERIANU Anda -Romania -25 y.o -former best ranking:177 -NEW:131
POUTCHKOVA Olga -Russia -18 y.o -former best ranking:136 -NEW:133
JOHANSSON Mathilde -France -20 y.o -former best ranking:161 -NEW:137
WOERLE Kathrin -Germany -22 y.o -former best ranking:142 -NEW:138
HRADECKA Lucie -Czech Republic -21 y.o -former best ranking:154 -NEW:147
SHVEDOVA Yaroslava -Russia -18 y.o -former best ranking:151 -NEW:150
BARROIS Kristina -Germany -24 y.o -former best ranking:165 -NEW:152
BRIANTI Alberta -Italy -26 y.o -former best ranking:184 -NEW:158
SACOWICZ Joanna -Poland -22 y.o -former best ranking:195 -NEW:167
BACZINSKY Timea -Switzerland -17 y.o -former best ranking:192 -NEW:186
KLEYBANOVA Alisa -Russia -16 y.o -former best ranking:221 -NEW:189
TIMOTIC Ana -Serbia Montenegro -23 y.o -former best ranking:205 -NEW:200

My comments:

Anastasiya YAKIMOVA:
Anastasiya succeeded to win her 1rst win in a Grand Slam at Rolang Garros defeating n52 Craybas before fighting bravely against 5th seed/n5 and eventual winner Henin Hardenne...in the 2nd set, Anastasiya had 3 sets points that she didn't convert. However, she keeps rising in the World Ranking not far away to the Top 50 now.

For her 1rst grand slam debut, Kaia reached the 2nd round with a victory over n41 Peschke before losing in 3 sets to 26th seed/n27 Medina Garrigues. The week after, ,she made it to the 2nd round at Prostejov $75K challenger. Thanks to those results, she's up 9 spots and overtakes Ani to take the n1 estonian ranking.

After her revealing performance at Rome, Romina keeps rising in the world ranking. At Roland Garros, she reached the final rd of the qualies falling to undernaked n137 Vakulenko. Then she was runner up at Prostejov $75K without competing in final due to injury vs 2nd seed/n50 Smashnova.

Another girl to make her career best grand slam performance reaching the 2nd rd at Rolang Garros before losing to 7th seed/n9 Scnhyder. The week after, she made it to the QF at Prostejov $75K challenger ousting Top seed/n31 Safarova before falling to eventual runner up 7th seed/n96 Oprandi.

Ivana is breaking the Top 100 this week after notching equal career best grand slam performance at Roland Garros, reaching the 3rd rd (1rst time last year at USO 2005). She ousted n39 Zheng en route before falling to come backer 12th seed/n15 Hingis.

Victoria AZARENKA:
Victoria is 2 steps from the Top 100 now at only 16 y.o! She's up 5 places from her best after qualifying for the main draw at Rolang Garros. she lost in the 1rst round of the main draw after a thrilling match vs 26th seed/n27 Medina Garrigues losing 9/7 in the 3rd set.

Katarina BOHMOVA:
Katarina didn't play Roland Garros for unknown reason but competed at Prostejov $75K reaching the SF upsetting 6th seed/n88 Diaz Oliva before falling to eventual runner up 7th seed/n96 Oprandi. Step by step she's getting closer from the top 100.

Aravane REZAI:
What a revenge for Aravane...at Roland Garros, she was expecting a WC for the Main Draw and because of troubles between the French Federation and Aravane's father, she didn"t get a Wc. However, she qualified and reached the 3rd round of the main draw...of course her ever best performance in a Grand Slam. During that week, she recorded her ever best victory vs 22nd seed/n24 Sugyama before resisting in 3 sets to surprising semi finalist 16th seed/n16 teenager Vaidisova.

After facing long period of injuries, Kirsten is back healthy. She made her Grand Slam debut reaching the 2nd rd of the main draw as a qualifer at Rolang Garros. In the Qualies she ousted 15th seed/n133 Poutchek before losing to french n204 Pichet. But she had a 2nd chance as lucky loser and took her revenge against Pichet in the 1rst round before falling to 17th seed/n19 Pennetta.

Anda made at 25 y.o her grand slam debut reaching the 2nd rd of the ain draw as a qualifer at Roland Garros! In the qualies, she ousted 8th seed/n119 Tu and ousted 28th seed/n31 Safarova in the main draw before losing to WC n489 Molik who made her come back to competition in may after a serious ear injury.

That very nice french born in Sweden girl won her 1rst match in Grand Slam at Roland Garros defeating qualifer n117 Hsieh before falling to another beautiful player from russia 20th seed/n22 Kirilenko. Mathilde is making her Top 150 debut.

Lucie Hradecka:
That 2 handed both sides player is also making her Top 150 debut. At Roland Garros, she made it to the final round of the qualies ousting 22nd seed/n169 before losing to n169 Fernandez (former Top 30 and Semi Finalist at Roland Garros). The week after she made it to the 2nd rd at Prostejov with a victory over n138 Beygelzimer before falling to the italian revelation 7th seed/n96 Oprandi.

Kristina BARROIS:
Kristina reached the 2nd rd at the French Open qualies.

Alberta BRIANTI:
Alberta made her Grand Slam debut at Roland Garros this year after qualifying. In the qualies, she ousted 6th seed/n115 Osterloh en route. She fought smartly in the Main draw 1st round against another qualifer...n142 Rezai.

Good performance for Joanna who reached the final rd of the qualies at Roland Garros upsetting 16th seed/n134 Obziler en route, falling to prodigy 5th seed/n112 Azarenka. The week after, she won her ever best victory at Prostejov $75K ousting 3rd seed/n53 Benesova before losing to n122 Bohmova.

Another 16 y.o prodigy from the east qho's breaking the Top 200! Alisa played the Italian Challenger circuit with success! She started the week before reaching the Final at Caserta $25K falling to 6th seed/n270 Mandy....the week after she took her revenge winning the title at Campobasso $25K against the same player in final!

Ana is making her Top 200 after reaching the 2nd rd at Santa Cruz de Tenrife losing to n463 Buzarescu.

FASTER MOVEMENTS IN THE TOP 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, 200

TOP 10:
Svetlana KUZNETSOVA n6 (+4): Spectacular fortnight for Svetlana who finished runner up! With a lot of fighting spirit (especially against 16th seed/n16 Vaidisova who was leading one set and 5/3 up in the 2nd set) she reached the final falling to 5th seed/n5 and now 3 times champion at Roland Garros Henin Hardenne.

Top 20:
Nicole VAIDISOVA n13 (+3): Nicole is back to her best ranking after an amazing Roland Garros as Semi finalist (her ever best performance before that was a 4th round). She ousted top seed/n1 Mauresmo and 11th seed/n13 V.Williams before falling under pressure to 8th seed/n10 Kuznetsova.

Top 50:
Anna Smashnova n42 (+8): that nearly 30 y.o veteran has still good skills on clay. Despite a desapointing toss at Roland Garros where she lost in the early round vs 24th seed/n28 Srebotnik in 3 sets...she won Prostejov $75K dropping only 1 set during the week and without playing the final due to Oprandi's withdrew.

Top 100:
Julia VAKULENKO n91 (+44): Julia who fall under depression last year is back with strong ambition. She's back in the Top 100 after equaling her ever best performance in Grand Slam, reaching the 3rd rd as a qualifer! In the qualies she ousted Top seed/n96 Oprandi. In the pain draw she upseted 29th seed/n33 Arvidsson before fighting 3 sets against 7th seed/n9 Schnyder.

Top 150:
Mathilde JOHANSSON n137 (+33): see above

Top 200:
KLEYBANOVA Alisa n189 (+32): see above

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I wonder if little Masha will rise further during grass court season.

And I have to admit that I never heard the name Rezai before RG :tape: I really enjoyed watching her performance against Nicole.

And did you notice that Medina Garrigues took out two hopefuls at RG (Azarenka AND Kanepi) ...

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Na will be seeded in Wimby and will be top20 soon :D

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...Yeah I'm back...I've always a little bit of rest during Grand Slam period because the WTA rank is frozen for 2 weeks... ;) ....

thanks all of you for your cheering and as you can see....a lot of girls are reaching their highest ranking this week...I'm sure that some of them will keep rising in the next 4 weeks with the grass season

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