View Full Version : Birm Qualif : Melinda Czink def [WC]Naomi Cavaday 36 75 75 !

Jun 11th, 2006, 02:41 PM
Nao :sad: Anyway, she proves that she isn't just a little good junior player, but she has the level of the top 100 player. Well done Melinda, but very good match of Naomi anyway :p We'll see her doing well very soon ;)

Jun 11th, 2006, 02:43 PM
Good win Melinda :)

Jun 11th, 2006, 02:44 PM
Shame for Naomi...I think it was mostly down to experience. From the scoreboard it seems she couldn't take her chances, and played a few poor games at bad moments. Melinda couldn't touch her serve in the 3rd set until that final game.

Farina Elia Fan
Jun 11th, 2006, 02:48 PM
Naomi could have won this! I sense big things coming from her very soon

Jun 11th, 2006, 02:54 PM
Congrats Melinda :yeah: well done.

Naomi :hug:

Jun 11th, 2006, 03:00 PM
melinda, get it please
remember me, photos together in 2004???

Jun 11th, 2006, 03:13 PM
Shame for Naomi but great match!

Jun 11th, 2006, 03:33 PM
Naomi :hug:

Jun 11th, 2006, 03:34 PM
This win totally deserves a thread!! GO MELINDA!

Jun 11th, 2006, 04:25 PM
Well done Meli :bounce:

Jun 11th, 2006, 04:51 PM
Good Job Mel!!!!!!Now win a couple of rounds!!

Europe rocks
Jun 11th, 2006, 04:57 PM
Naomi :hug: If it wasn't for a couple of missed opportunities in that third set who knows what the outcome would have been? Anyway, hopefully Naomi can use this confidence and start climbing the rankings even more and reach the top 100 :bounce:

Got to congratulate Melinda as well!

Jun 11th, 2006, 05:02 PM
I want to know more about Cavaday, good fight

Carmen Mairena
Jun 11th, 2006, 08:16 PM
Naomi :sad: :crying2: So close :hug:

Amazing how a Brit can attract so much attention... :lol: