View Full Version : Live Chat During RG06 Finals

Jun 10th, 2006, 12:04 PM
The chat is over, and it was really fun. Like I said, we'll be doing it again tomorrow for the men's final. Hope you can come out and join us. Just follow this link (http://www.offthebaseline.com) to my site.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Hope to talk to you tomorrow!!

Wanna chat with other fans during the women's final? Let's do it! Just follow this link. (deleted)

Why are you doing this? My friend and I were joking around yesterday and talked about hosting a live chat during the Men's Final on Sunday on my site, so we could chat and not IM each other and maybe chat with some other fans. Then we thought, "That's not so crazy at all!" and installed it last night. It's so totally cool and fun. :bounce:

What about the women's final? Well, that's why I'm posting this. My friend can't chat this am, so I'd be all alone. And that sucks. But I really really wanna try it out. So I figured that I'd post it up here and see if anyone wanted to try it out with me.

So come chat with me! Watch the match. Talk about the plays. Boo, hiss, cheer. It's just like IM, and it's much more fun than a cheering thread! :lol:

Hope to talk to ya soon,