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May 25th, 2002, 04:23 PM
They were involved in an exhibition today at Montrouge Stadium in Paris. Anyone have any more news?

Pictures here:


May 25th, 2002, 07:47 PM
Jennifer Capriati is a ray of sunshine on and off court. The WTA Tour is a better palce with Jennifer in it

A Heritage of champions

One is Brazilian. The other is American. One is in his 50s. The other is in her 20s. But they have a tremendous amount in common. On May 25, Guillermo Vilas and Jennifer Capriati will take time out in Paris to meet and swap stories about winning the French Open-Guillermo in 1977 and Jennifer in 2001. They'll also spend some time dishing about their favorite tennis togs, namely Fila's Heritage Collection. Guillermo played in the Fila collections that inspired the Heritage pieces Jennifer will proudly wear when she defends her title at Roland Garros.

Similar playing style
In 1977, Guillermo, known as the Pampas Bull, won 50 consecutive victories and 17 tournaments. The legendary string of wins was unlike anything anybody had ever witnessed before and helped cement Guillermo's spot in the Hall of Fame. Guillermo's trademark was his incredible on-court endurance. He could play for hours and hours, wearing his opponents down and slicing his way toward victory.

Jennifer shares this same work ethic. She never gives up. She goes after every shot, no matter how difficult. She works through the pain, as we all saw, worked through the early snipes from detractors who said she would never be able to make a comeback. Not only did she make a comeback, she's the sport's golden girl-and the winner of the 2002 Laureus Sportswoman of the Year Award.

GO JENNIFER, all the way at the French

May 25th, 2002, 07:54 PM
Originally posted by paigery
Jennifer Capriati is a ray of sunshine on and off court. The WTA Tour is a better palce with Jennifer in it

A Heritage of champions

One is Brazilian. The other is American. One is in his 50s. The other is in her 20s.

Vilas is not brazilian!!!:rolleyes: he is from Argentina!!
Born: August 17, 1952, Mar del Plata, Argentina

Citizenship: Argentina

Handed: Left

Nickname: Young Bull of the Pampas


TexasTech Guy
May 25th, 2002, 08:01 PM
LOL a ray of sunshine? More like a ray of hell.

May 25th, 2002, 08:22 PM
God, how can someone said Guillermo Vilas is brazilian:eek:


May 25th, 2002, 08:30 PM
So full of hate. Don't blame me about Vilas background, hello the article was copied and pasted from it's original version. Blame the sportswriters not the messenger. So back off! And please don't attempt to stifen my enthusiasm for Jennifer because it could never happen. Jen is a ray of sunshine all around the WTA! Thank you

May 25th, 2002, 08:36 PM
That's Serena, ray of sunshine.
While Jennifer, I must agree, is ray of hell.

May 25th, 2002, 08:39 PM
In fairness, I dont think Lucas said anything about you; only that what was written was incorrect. Youre the one resorting to name-calling.

Im on your side about Jen though!

May 25th, 2002, 10:42 PM
they're both alike, but I CANNOT believe someone messed up with Guille's nacionality: ARGENTINA, that is A-R-G-E-N-T-I-N-A:rolleyes:

so glad to see them both together...

May 25th, 2002, 11:53 PM
Don't know why I bother asking anything about Jennifer here... you are all so full of hate. Why don't people just enjoy the tennis.

May 25th, 2002, 11:58 PM
Paigery There was nothing against you, I know you copy that, I was saying how can a reporter write suchs mistakes ok.

Calm down:angel:

May 26th, 2002, 12:06 AM
I want it known that I have no ill will towards anyone. Too bad this thread turned into a bash Capriati thread (again). I am not upset with anyone and I am over it. Mark, Capriati will go all the way baby!!!!!!!!! Good Luck Jen


May 26th, 2002, 12:15 AM
Thanks for the heads up Mark. Please keep it coming, many of us really appreciate it :)

We can't let the haters run us out.

TexasTech Guy
May 26th, 2002, 12:21 AM
Im not bashing capriatti its just the truth.


May 26th, 2002, 12:28 AM
Nationality error aside, I think it's nice that Jennifer and Guillermo played an exhibition together.

Good luck Jennifer :wave:

May 26th, 2002, 01:02 AM
God, how can someone said Guillermo Vilas is brazilian

Willie Vilas was always my favorite player; he's in the Hall of Fame; he won multiple Grand Slams; he was one of the best players of the 70s, but a so-called reporter can't even bother to get his nationality correct.:rolleyes: What idiots. :mad: I don't even know why I bother to be angry. It's par for the course when it comes to tennis reporting.

As for Jennifer . . . she's a nice girl and a very fine tennis player and I hope she repeats at the French the same way she repeated at the Aussie Open.

[Personally, I'm rooting for Serena to win the French, but I wouldn't be upset if Jennifer won again.]