View Full Version : WTC seeking additional board Managers.

May 28th, 2006, 08:11 PM
I was asked to post this for someone whose account has yet to be activated. I think there are a TON of people here that would make both beneficial members and/or staff members for another tennis forum.

WTC seeking additional board Managers.
Women's Tennis Community (http://womenstennis.proboards50.com)

Women's Tennis Community is currently looking to add two Managers to its crew by the end of June, 2006. Women's Tennis Community (WTC) is near it's one-year mark on the internet for being a public forum for the discussion of professional women's tennis. The site was down for several months between August, 2005 and February, 2006, until current Community Manager/owner Raj Barrek took the reigns and started the site anew in February, 2006.

The two positions that are needing to be filled are Marketing Executive and Forum Engineer.

Marketing Executive
It is the job of this individual to see that the community grows and expands over time. This job requires the individual to seek advertising opportunities and to find motives for gaining members, and keeping them here. This person will also help plan events (such as contests) on the boards for which members can participate.

Forum Engineer
It is the job of this individual to help with the upkeep, style and layout of the boards. This person will work directly with the Community Manager to introduce new concepts and deal with the "make-up" of the community. This job requires knowledge of HTML, and a knowledge of Javascript is recommended.

If you are interesed in either position, please contact Raj Barrek for more information via-email at: rbarrek@yahoo.com. To visit WTC, visit http://womenstennis.proboards50.com/.